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Released 07/01/2010
Geographical coverage France


Physical address
Aux locaux de l'Office International de l'Eau (OIEAU)
1er étage à gauche,
Place Sophie Laffitte
06902 Sophia-Antipolis Cedex
  Postal address
Tel:  + 33 4 92 942 290
Fax: + 33 4 92 942 295


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The Team: 

Technical coordinator and Manager
Eric Mino (at the right)
Tel: + 33 4 92 94 22 91

Information Manager
Jauad El Kharraz (at the left)
Tel: + 33 4 92 94 22 93
Lidy Thomas (in the middle)
Tel: + 33 4 92 94 22 90

The Technical Coordinator and Manager participates in all EMWIS activities. He is responsible for:
•    relations between the Technical Unit (TU), the Steering Committee and the funding organizations
•    coordinating the activities of the members of the TU and of various external experts
•    ensuring liaison between the TU and National Focal Points (NFP)
•    participates in technological and organizational decisions for EMWIS
•    controling the quality of the TU's activities and the relevance of services provided according to users' expectations
•    contributing to the management of the website and to EMWIS promotion
•   the financial and administrative management of the TU
•   committing expenses for the TU.

The Webmaster and Information Manager is in charge of organizing, managing and coordinating the collection and sharing of data within the EMWIS framework. He is more especially responsible for:
•    the content of the EMWIS website
•    the everyday management of the website, in close collaboration with the technical coordinator
•    acting as data manager for the International Focal Point
•    coordinating the information supplied by the NFPs
•    checking the reliability and integrity of the information provided, as well as monitoring the quality of information in line with EMWIS guidelines.

The Information Technology Manager is in charge of:
•    developing the EMWIS website (web pages, search engines, interface with existing systems, push, etc.)
•    database management
•    managing Internet communication tools, the TU's local area network (LAN) and videoconference tools.

The Multilingual Assistant works under the Coordinator’s supervision. She is in charge of:
•    T U office administration;
•    the practical organisation of seminars and meetings
•    accounting records and preparing financial reviews
•    updating the TU's databases.