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Document Information Sheet on Assessment of the Recovery of Costs for Water Services for the 2004 River Basin Characterisation Report (Art 9)

Final version May 5, 2004, Prepared by DG eco 1

This information sheet has been produced by France/UK/Commission on behalf of Drafting Group
ECO1 under the auspices of Working Group 2B of the Common Implementation Strategy. The
objective of Drafting Group ECO1 is to provide support to further implementation of the WFD
through practical advice, material and examples to help practitioners implement the requirements
of the Directive in relation to the 2004 river basin characterisation, required under Article 5. This
sheet is intended to support practitioners undertaking the assessment of the recovery of costs for
water services as part of the 2004 characterisation exercise.

Creator Common Implementation Strategy Working Group 2B: Drafting Group ECO1
Publisher Common Implementation Strategy Working Group 2B: Drafting Group ECO1
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