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PDF Decoupling National Water Needs for National Water Supplies: Insights and Potential for Countries in the Jordan Basin

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Upload date 05 Jul 2017
Contributor Maroua OUESLATI
Geographical coverage Jordan,
Release date 05/07/2017
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The West Asia - North Africa (WANA) Institute published on 5 July 2017 a report on: "DECOUPLING NATIONAL WATER NEEDS FOR NATIONAL WATER SUPPLIES: Insights and Potential for Countries in the Jordan Basin"

Jordan and Palestine face extreme water scarcity and potential food insecurity. These conditions threaten human security and the natural environment. This report compares the water allocation and management experience of Jordan, Palestine and Israel using the lens of economic and resource decoupling to highlight trends and opportunities to circumvent limits on natural water resources.

The subject of this research is the extent to which good practices — effective allocation and management of water resources, water ecosystem stewardship, and economic, social and environmental decoupling — can be transferred between these countries, as well as to other economies that share similar environmental endowments.

This publication is generously supported with funds on behalf of the British Council.