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Released 27/02/2006

The setting-up of directories (on organizations and persons) and catalogues (on existing information sources) of information sources is the first concrete action of information sharing. It is implemented since the beginning of year 2000 along with the organization of the communication network. In the long term, the directories and catalogues should allow EMWIS users to know "who is doing what" in terms of data collection, management and use, among the main organizations (institutions, operators...) and experts of the water sector in EMWIS member countries.

This preparatory study aims at:

  • Structuring directories and catalogues;
  • Defining references to be used (directories on technologies, methods, equipment, financial sources...);
  • Defining data collection methods;

This preparation must take into account structures, references and methods used in existing directories and catalogues, at international level in particular. So, in February or March, a questionnaire on existing directories and catalogues will be disseminated to:

  • The NFP for a national inventory:
  • The T.U. for an inventory among international organizations.

This one-week seminar aims to present and validate the results of the study and to organize the training of webmasters/data managers on the concepts and methods selected.
The main objectives are to:

  • Present the results of the survey;
  • Present selected options for the preparation of directories and catalogues;
    Provide necessary information on the organization of data collection in the different countries;
  • Discuss possible implementation difficulties in each country;
  • Organize the following phase, i.e. data collection on organizations, persons and existing information sources;
  • Adopt the quality insurance procedures for information updates and the validation of information sources;
  • Provide additional technical training according to needs identified during the study.