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PDF CMU Council Meeting - Conclusions of the Workshop on Water Management in the Mediterranean

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Upload date 09 Aug 2011
Contributor Jauad El-Kharraz
Release date 23/10/2007
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This workshop was organised by the Community of Mediterranean Universities Council (CMU), in close collaboration with the International Relations Department of the University of Valencia.

The first objective of the workshop was to give an overview on the water management policies and tools in the Mediterranean and discuss how Mediterranean countries are facing the problem of water shortage, as well as their strategies to reach a sustainable development of this rare resource.

It was also an objective of the workshop to present regional initiatives working on water resources management issues and seek for the possible collaboration and synergy between them and the different countries in order to learn from success stories of each other.

The workshop was attended by representatives from twelve Mediterranean countries, namely: Morocco, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal and Turkey. The workshop was chaired by Prof. Mohamed El-Muntasser (International Energy Foundation & the University of Al Fateh, Libya) and Dr. Jauad El Kharraz (EMWIS: Euro Mediterranean Water Information System, France).