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News Aqua-Media International & three Turkish media staff awarded Turkish Prime Minister’s Water Prize - AFESD awarded King Hassan II Great Water Prize

Irfan Aker, World Water Council Board of Governors, on behalf of Turkey’s Prime Minister, presented the Turkish Prime Minister’s Water Prize, which honors media representatives for coverage of national and international water issues. The international prize was awarded to Alison Bartle, Aqua-Media International. National prizes were awarded to Özgür Coban (Anatolian Agency), Özgür Yildirim (Channel 24), and Gurhan Savgi (Zaman Daily Newspaper), and for the programme Yeşil Ekren on NTV (accepted by Erman Yerdelen).

AFESD awarded King Hassan II Great Water Prize
Prime Minister El Fassi introduced the third King Hassan II Great World Water Prize for cooperation and solidarity in the fields of management and development in water resources. Abdelkébir Zahoud, Morocco’s Secretary of State in charge of water and environment, presented the prize to Abdulatif Yousef Al-Hamad, Director General of the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development. Al-Hamad commended Morocco’s leadership in water management and enumerated water projects funded by his organization.

The Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development (AFESD) is an autonomous regional Pan-Arab development finance organization, ("the Fund"). Its membership consists of all states who are members of the League of Arab States.

Contact information Mr. Abdulatif Yousef Al-Hamad, Director General / Chairman of the board of Directors, P.O. Box 21923 SAFAT, 13080 Kuwait, State of Kuwait (email: HQ@ARABFUND.ORG)
Phone: +965 24 95 9000 ; Fax: +965 24 81 5750/60/70 ; CABLE: INMARABI KUWAIT ; TLX: INMARAB 22153 KT
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News date 23/03/2009
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