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Folder WorkShop :: Projet « Amélioration de la gestion des ressources en eau et adaptation aux changements climatiques – LDAS Tunisie »., 22-23/11/2012, Tunis

As part of the agreement signed between the World Bank and CRTEAN on the project "Use of remote sensing for water resources management"; the CRTEAN organized a national workshop last 22-23 November 2012, in Tunis. The World Bank project is technically supported by NASA. The project covers five countries: Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan, with the participation of the Arab Water Council (Egypt), and the International Centre for Agriculture biosaline ICBA (Dubai / UAE) with support from USAID.

The Tunisian actors who participated in that workshop were: National Center for mapping and remote sensing; Ministry of Agriculture; General Directorate ofWater Resources (DGRE); General Directorate of Planning and Conservation of Agricultural Land (DGACTA); Arid Regions Institute, Ministry of transportation; National Institute of meteorology; as well as some universities and research labs.

The main project topics discussed were: Monitoring water resources availability; Monitoring the agricultural activities, using evapotranspiration models; Flood mapping, forcasting and monitoring; Establishing a mechanism for data dissemination, and finally Monitoring drought through the use of WISP tools. Participants were split in working groups and discussed more in details the responsibility of each national actor, and the following tasks: The integration of data from earth observation, in-situ data and models to product hydrological parameters; Improving management capacity of the of water resources availability; The contribution to the estimation of the water used by irrigated agriculture for better planning and evaluation of productivity; the contribution to the release and determination of trends in terms of climate change impacts; and Capacity building for operational use of the possibilities offered by new information technologies.

On the other hand, EMWIS participated through Dr. Jauad El Kharraz in this workshop to present a similar initiative led by ESA-EMWIS on the use of remote sensing data for better water management and talk also about EMWIS activities such as the project on "Halting Desertification in the Jucar River Basin" using water accounts.

Le SEMIDE a participé à cet atelier à travers Dr. Jauad El Kharraz, qui a parlé du projet ESA-SEMIDE sur l'exploitation des données de la télédétection pour une meilleure gestion de l'eau. Ce fut l'occasion aussi d'inviter les représentants du CRTEAN au séminaire organisé par le SEMIDE et l'ESA à ESRIN, Frascati: 

ESA - EMWIS Workshop: "Exploitation of Earth Observation for water management in the Mediterranean", 03-05 December 2012; Frascati- Rome (Italy)


Project Products & models:

• Phase I candidates


  • o FloodsMapping andModeling
  • o Crop and IrrigationMapping
  • o Evapotranspiration
  • o Drought


• Phase II candidates


  • o Climate Impact Analysis
  • o Ground water storage




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