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6th World Water Forum:
Everyone in Marseilles for better basin management!

The 6th World Water Forum will take place in Marseilles from 12 to 17 March 2012 at the invitation of the French Government and the World Water Council.

It is a major meeting not to be missed!

The International Network of Basin Organizations - INBO calls its Members and Observers to get mobilized and come to Marseilles to present their solutions, to exchange and discuss in order to develop and improve basin management and transboundary cooperation in the world.

Since the 1990s, management at the level of basins of rivers, lakes or aquifers has experienced a quick development in many countries, which made it the basis of their national legislation or tested it in pilot river basins.

The European Water Framework Directive of 2000 imposes, for example, good management of the national or international River Basin Districts to the 27 Member States and the candidate Countries of the European Union.

The management of the transboundary basins of the 276 rivers and hundreds of aquifers is taken more and more into account within Commissions, Authorities or International Basin Organizations, which are being created or strengthened on all the continents.

Significant progress has been made: basin management works when there is strong will of all the stakeholders!

The Forum of Marseilles will give us the opportunity of reporting on these progresses and presenting our solutions to face the difficulties which remain.

Our ideas are progressing, let’s get mobilized to make our solutions known in Marseilles in March 2012!

Prepare the Forum with us

The International Forum Committee entrusted INBO, IOWater, UNESCO, UNECE, the European Commission’s DG Environment and OECD with the coordination of the Forum’s priority topics which aim to ”foster cooperation and peace”, to improve “Good Governance” and to present the European experience in basin management, in partnership with all other interested Organizations.

Priority for action PA 1.5 - ”Contribute to cooperation and peace”

INBO has been nominated as Coordinator of Target 4 related to the creation and strengthening of Transboundary Basin Organizations

∎ Condition for Success CS1 – Target 3 "Good governance”

INBO has been nominated as Coordinator of Target 3 related to the preparation and implementation of national or transboundary Basin Management Plans.

And in the Regional European Preparatory Process, the Specific European Region Priority Targets (SERPT)

N°1 - Improve transboundary cooperation in Europe - UNECE

N°2 - Achieve good ecological status of European water bodies before 2015– DG Environment / EC and Europe-INBO

Come and sign in Marseilles
the "Pact for better basin management"

At the meeting in Marseilles in March 2012, INBO will call all the present representatives of basin organizations of river, lake or aquifer, from various parts of the world to join this Pact for better management of the national and transboundary basins for better facing the challenges of the planet.

Consult the draft "Pact for better basin management"

Please help us improve our draft: give us your opinion, remarks, corrections, additives...

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