Euro-Mediterranean Information System on know-how in the Water sector
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Folder Presentations

Folder 1. Opening Speeches
Folder 10. Euro-Mediterranean Regional Water Programme for Local Water Management (MEDA-Water Programme)
Folder 11. EU Thematic Strategy on the Protection and Conservation of the Marine Environment (EU Marine Strategy)
Folder 12. GEF Strategic Partnership for the Mediterranean
Folder 13. Africal Water Facility
Folder 14. Follow-up Meetings and important upcoming Events
Folder 2. The Mediterranean Component of the EU Water Initiative
Folder 3. The Joint Mediterranean Process WFD and MED EUWI
Folder 4. The European Neighbourhood Policy
Folder 5. The Horizon 2020 Initiative
Folder 6. The Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development
Folder 7. Summing up of Day 1 Discussions
Folder 8. Brief Country Reports on Priority Issues for Meeting the Water-Related MDGs and WSSD Targets
Folder 9. EMWIS
4th Mediterranean Water Forum