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Folder Expert workshop on metadata management & referential data sets, Nice 2009-06-08/09

This workwhop allowed to

  • Review of needs and requirements for a water metadata catalogue in the Med area (interoperability, multilingualism, harvesting, etc.)
  • Review of standards necessary for metadata cataloguing 
  • Ensuring metadata interoperability, especially with Water Information System for Europe
  • Promote the use of interoperable water metadata catalogues by MPC
  • Initiating metadata collection in MPC (this will also be supported by 6 national seminars) as a clearing house mechanism for the region
  • Identify spatial referential data sets necessary for cataloguing and as 1st components of a Med water information system
reference material used:

 -         INSPIRE Geoportal: EU portal for Geographic Information

-           WISE metadata profile

-          WISE GIS guidance document

-          Report on existing tools for the preparation of a metadata catalogue of water information sources (final version),

-          Report on structuring metadata content for a Med water metadata catalogue (final version)

Folder Presentations - Experts Workshop on metadata management & referential data sets, 2009-06-08/09 - Nice (France)
Pointer 9th NFP Coordination Seminar - 2009-06-9/10 France
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L'atelier sur la gestion des métadonnées et référentiels de données sur l'eau aura lieu à partir de 14 heures lundi 8 juin et jusqu'à mardi 9 juin 12 heures.

The Expert workshop on metadata management & referential data sets will take place on Monday 8 June at 14.00 until Tuesday 9 June at 12.00.

Il sera suivi par le séminaire de coordination des Points Focaux Nationaux du SEMIDE mardi 9 juin à partir de 13h30 et jusqu'à mercredi 10 juin à 12 heures.

It will be followed by the 9th EMWIS NFP Coordination Seminar on Tuesday 9 June at 13.30 until Wednesday 10 June at 12.00

Les deux réunions auront lieu à:
Both meetings will take place at:

La Maison du séminaire
29 Bd Frank Pilatte
06300 NICE
Email :
tél +33 (0)493 89 39 57 ; fax +33 (0)493 26 79 99

For further information:/ Pour plus d'informations :

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