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Folder Towards a National Water Information System in Jordan, 19 October 2010

With the support of DG Env of the European Commission, a pilot action on data harmonization for the development of a National Water information System has been carried out in Jordan. In this framework, 2 stakeholder workshops were organised. The main contributions are presented in this folder

PDF National Water Information System for Jordan - Mission Findings Download
PDF Status of water accounting in Jordan Download
PDF Water Information System for the water sector in Jordan Download

After presentation of the findings of the EMWIS pilot activity on data harmonization for building a National Water Information System (NWIS) in Jordan, considering the water accounting approach of the United Nations; the Jordanian Minister of Water and Irrigation decided to call for the support of the government to ensure a wide cooperation with the key Ministries concerned by the development of the system for the exchange of any kind of water-related information on governmental level.

This should not only support the data demand for various policy questions (e.g. related to water management, environment, economics, planning etc.), but also maximize the use of synergies and reduce data management costs on governmental level in the long run.

It is expected that the NWIS development in Jordan will benefit from the experience with SEIS (Shared Environmental Information System) in Europe and the foreseen extension to non-EU Mediterranean Countries.

Workshops on the development of NWIS with national stakeholders are also planned in Egypt (27 October) and in Syria (21 December). 

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