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Document Wastewater treatment in island locations

In the framework of Hydrousa project SEMIDE contributed to the preparation of a guide on how to improve wastewater treatment on small island published by SMILO “Small Islands Organisation”. The guide chiefly focuses on small islands (< 150 km2) that are not connected to the mainland and face challenges in energy provision and water resource management. This guide is intended for managers of small islands who want to reduce the impact of wastewater on their environment by introducing suitable sanitation. It offers simple, practical recommendations to guide their choices in relation to sanitation systems. Although the recommendations are mainly aimed at construction of new treatment networks and plants, they are also relevant for upgrading old sites. The guide aims to show that wastewater treatment has a major role to play in maintaining human activity and water use in a way that respects the often-sensitive environment of island locations. In addition, wastewater treatment produces some useful, even essential resources to harness for use on the island; the approaches of treated wastewater reuse (TWWR) and returning organic matter to the soil (sludge management) both align with circular economy principles. 

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