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Folder The First Seminar of the Dialogue “Water 5+5”: Towards a Water Strategy in the Western Mediterranean, Valencia (Spain), 25-26 February 2014

Algeria and Spain have decided to jointly promote a process, in association with the countries of the 5+5 Dialogue, to develop a water strategy for the western Mediterranean basin (WSWM). The aim of this strategy is to promote sustainable water use at local, regional and national levels, through the adoption of cross-cutting goals, management criteria and operational objectives, in order to harmonise water policies in the Mediterranean.

Spain and Algeria are actively involved in the peaceful resolution of international conflicts and hope this strategy may constitute a tool of preventive diplomacy, contributing to maintaining international peace and security by facilitating international cooperation on water issues.

In this context, a first high-level Workshop will be held in Valencia (Spain) under the auspices of the General Secretariat of the Mediterranean Network of Basin Organisations (MENBO) on 25th-26th February 2014.

Please click here to see the provisional agenda and other information.

Aware that water is essential for the development of societies, but it is also a scarce resource, particularly in our region, Algeria and Spain have decided to launch a joint initiative to develop a water strategy for the Western Mediterranean basin within the 5+ 5 framework. This proposal was approved at the Malta Summit held in October 2012 by the Heads of State and Government of the 5+5 Dialogue.

Later on, the Foreign Ministers of the 5+5 countries agreed to work in conjunction with the European Union to develop this strategy in Nouakchott in April 2013. Furthermore, the initiative was announced during the 68th Session of the UN General Assembly in New York and officially launched at the first 5+5 Economic Forum held in Barcelona on 23rd October 2013. Also, the initiative was presented during the UN-DESA (Division for Sustainable Development) Capacity Building Support to Integrated Water Planning and Management Meeting in New York, on 28th of January.

Our approach is purposefully pragmatic and our aim is to agree on a strategic framework and an action plan. To develop both, we are organising a first seminar in Valencia, Spain on 25-26 February, that will be followed by another in Algeria.

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