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17/03/2010 Project MED Integrated Coastal Zone Management-Mediterranean Coast Morocco, GEF [link]
01/03/2010 Project BRIdging SErvices, Information and Data for Europe Czech Republic,Italy,Hungary,Greece,Latvia,Spain,Portugal, Competitiveness and Innovation FrameWork Programme [link]
01/02/2010 Project Novel Integrated Water Management Systems for Southern Europe Albania, Cyprus, France, Portugal, Spain, EU-INCO-MED FP7 “Regions of Knowledge” [link]
01/01/2010 Project Aquaknow project EU, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom,Netherlands, Sweden, France, EuropeAID, JRC & IES [link]
01/01/2010 Project Support to the European Union Water Initiative Mediterranean Component (MED EUWI) Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), Romania, Serbia and Montenegro MED-EUWI [link]
01/01/2010 Project Integrating Climate Change in Development Planning and Disaster Prevention to increase Resilience of Agricultural and Water Sectors Morocco IBRD-World Bank [link]
01/01/2010 Project PROJET 2011 - JDAYD II (SUD EST MAROC) Morocco Bilatéral Régions Maroc - France [link]
01/01/2010 Project Ecopublishing, sustainable management of publications in the public administration Spain EU-LIFE [link]
01/01/2010 Project CLImate Change hydro-COnflicts and human security Ethiopia, Belgium, Palestine, Cyprus, Switzerland, Egypt, Israel, Norway, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain EU-FP7 [link]
11/12/2009 Project Projet d'investissement dans le secteur de l'eau II Tunisia Programme National du Gouvernement Tunisien dans le secteur de l'Eau [link]
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