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Project Strengthening environmental control in Turkey, reinforcing the National Reference Laboratory of Golbasi

- Turkey is revising its national environmental policies to be in line with European environmental legislation and standards.  The Turkish Parliament is considering a number of measures that need to be taken in respect of, amongst others, air and water quality.

- A financing agreement was signed between the European Community and Turkey in 1990, providing €2.5 million towards the establishment of an environmental reference laboratory.

- National funding constraints have, however, hindered the laboratory’s effective functioning at a national level.

- Furthermore, there is little cooperation between the various regional structures in place

Project number LIFE00 TCY/TR/010
Acronym LIFE
Geographical coverage Turkey
Budget (in €) 532000
Programme LIFE
Web site

- The overall objective of the project is to contribute to sustainable development in Turkey .  The project aims to promote a comprehensive national Air and Water Quality Control Programme to identify pollution sources and develop pollution prevention and control actions in Turkey.
- In particular, this should be achieved by strengthening the technical and operational functioning of the Golbasi National Reference Laboratory (NRL) so that it can fulfil its intended function of providing regular and frequent monitoring and control of water and air quality throughout Turkey.

- Specifically, the project aims to:

* Audit the existing Gölbaşı National Reference Laboratory structures;
* Review the laboratory’s organisation;
* Introduce Quality Assurance ISO 9000;
* Revise standards for water pollution analytical methods;
* Develop a national control network for water pollution;
* Organise a national water quality mapping system;
* Create national calibration references for air monitors in relation to EU standards;
* Transfer methodologies in the measurement of traffic pollution; and
* Disseminate project results

Period [01/02/2002 - 01/02/2005]


  • Ministry of Environment
    - The Turkish Ministry of Environment has had full ministry status since 1991.  Previously, it was an under-secretariat in the Prime Minister’s department (1978 – 1991). 
    - It merged with the Ministry of Forestry in 2003.
    Coordinator acts as project coordinator
    Country Turkey
    Web site
    Contact Mr YAHSI Eyüp,
    Position: coordinator
    Phone/fax: 90 312 286 25 55, 90 312 2855875
  • International Water Centre – NAN.C.I.E.
    - NAN.C.I.E positions like a European reference for research, the innovation, the technology transfer and the international co-operation.
    - NAN.C.I.E. is the Pole of Competence "Water" of the communities territorial in France, recognized by the Engineers of the Towns of France (IVF) and the National Center of Territorial Staff training (CNFPT).
    Country France
    Web site
    Contact Mr ZAPASNIK Jacek,
    Position: Chef de mission international
    Phone/fax: 03 83 15 87 87, 03 83 15 87 99

Funding sources

  • European Commission
    Source EC LIFE
    Programme LIFE
    Funding rate 52