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Project Protection of the territory by the means of the ecological genius on the scale of the watershed

- The fact of setting up the ecological techniques of genius on the whole of the fragile zones, and not in a sporadic way, will make it possible to highlight their effectiveness and the interest that there is to preserve the old hydraulic works present on the territory. For this reason, the project can be used to define techniques to rediscover the functionality of an inheritance left with the abandonment, including the good traditional practices for the management of the territory in rural medium.
- The protection of the territory will be heard here in a double direction: protection of the goods and the people against the natural risks, but also safeguarding of the ecological richness and the environmental inheritance, insofar as the choice of the ecological techniques is given as well by their effectiveness as by their contribution to the re-establishment of the medium in which they will be inserted.

Project number n/a
Geographical coverage Portugal, Italy, Tunisia, Greece
Budget (in €) 1789777
Programme Interreg III(Espace Medocc)
Objectives - "PROGECO" is interested in the ecological genius in a context of protection of the territory. The purpose of the project is to test, in various mediums of the Mediterranean basin, the effectiveness and the potentialities of use of the ecological genius for hydrogeologic protection and the restoration of the natural habitats. The problems faced in the cases of studies are significant for the Mediterranean area in terms of scientific, technological knowledge and of socio-economic development appropriateness.
- Moreover, the results could be transferred in other mediums from the Mediterranean zone. Information, currently disseminated and sectoral, requires a homogenisation through the creation of a common data base, which will have to be put in network to increase the knowledge and the exchange of information between the interested subjects and the drafting of the common indicators, either to guide the more convenient choices of intervention, or for the evaluation of the effectiveness of the works.
Period [01/05/2004 - 30/06/2006]


  • REGIONE SARDEGNA - Ente Autonomo del Flumendosa
    Country Italy
    Contact Mme Maria Antonietta Dessena,
    Position: General coordinator of the project
    Phone/fax: 0039 070 20 16 53 12, 0039 070 670758 or 070 20 16 5345
  • Institut National de Recherche dans l’Ingénierie Rurale - Département d’écologie
    Country Tunisia
    Contact Mr Mohamed Mouri,
    Phone/fax: 00216 717118055, 00216 71717955

Funding sources

  • European Commission
    Source Feder
    Programme Interreg III(Espace Medocc)
    Funding rate 59