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Project Optimisation of water use by plants in the Mediterranean

- Increasing the efficiency of water use within agricultural systems is critical to ensure stability in agricultural production and food security. This measure aims to establish dialogue and communication between European and Mediterranean scientists, policy makers and other stakeholders concerned with the optimisation of water use in Mediterranean Agricultural systems.

- Whilst many scientific projects are ongoing in various disciplines working on aspects of water use in plants, in many Eastern and Southern Mediterranean countries water is already at the scarcity level. The holistic approach in this measure aims, to bridge the gap between research scientists working in molecular, genetic and physiological, environmental research and end users.

-The need for this communication is ongoing and will enable scientists and policy makers and others to make decisions on future research priorities.

Project number ICA3-CT-2002-50005
Subject(s) WATER DEMAND , INDUSTRY , ENERGY , RIGHT , SLUDGES , no translation available
Geographical coverage Spain, United Kingdom
Budget (in €) n/a
Programme INCO MED (FP5)
Objectives - To bridge the gap between researchers and end users the measure will promote communication and dissemination of information on the optimisation of water use in Mediterranean Agricultural systems.

- OPTIMISE will:

1.Bring together and connect Mediterranean and European scientists, politicians, consultants agronomists and other stakeholders;

2. Inform Mediterranean end users of the latest developments concerned with improved efficiency of water use by plants;

3. Ensure that the research scientists are fully aware of the needs of the end users;

4. Facilitate trans-national (Europe-Mediterranean) research partnerships, interactions and strategic alliances between researchers and others interested optimising water use efficiency;

5. Disseminate information via reports, abstracts and publications available both in hard copy and via the web.

Period [01/12/2002 - 30/11/2004]


  • Rothamsted Research Limited
    Crop Performance And Improvement Division
    Coordinator acts as project coordinator
    Country United Kingdom
    Web site
    Contact Mr. James Stephen,
    Position: General coordinator of the project
    Phone/fax: +44 (0) 1582 763133, + 44 (0) 1582 760 981