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Project Agriculture and Urbanization in the Mediterranean Region: Enabling Policies for Sustainable Use of Soil and Water

Project number IC18-CT-1998-0268
Subject(s) WATER DEMAND , no translation available
Acronym Agriculture_and_Urbanization
Geographical coverage France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Morocco, Portugal, Sweden
Budget (in €) n/a
Programme INCO MED (FP5)
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Objectives - The general objective is to connect and co-ordinate the ongoing and future research efforts aiming at a sustainable use of natural resources.

- In particular soil and water- in the Mediterranean region, in the context of urbanisation processes and their interdependency with agricultural and industrial activities.
Furthermore, the purpose is to develop interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary and cross- sectoral scientific approaches to foster scenario building in local-global policies and to verify their feasibility with appropriate private and public stakeholders.

- Specific objectives are:

a) Prevent the unsustainable use of natural resources, and mitigate the effects of urbanisation on soil and water use in the Mediterranean region.

b) Study on how to improve economic productivity of scarce natural resources (soil and water).

c) Promote research on ecosystem management involving the partnership of private and public stakeholders.

d) Integrate the use of advanced detection technologies with a close and friendly observation of, and participation in, community processes in order to build scenarios based on adequate knowledge, helping concerted and feasible urbanisation/agriculture policies.

e) Establish a sustainable data base link through electronic networks and a CD-ROM on the use of natural resources in the Mediterranean region in order to couple economic and biophysical data as a support to eco-systemic research and socio-political awareness.
Results Scientific-technical results:

-  Increased knowledge of scenario building techniques for sustainable use of soil and water resources among policy makers and other actors;
- Spreading knowledge about sustainable ways for meeting the emerging demands of urbanization and agricultural production;
- Contributing to better analyses and monitoring of soil and water quality changes in urban fringes by networking and promotion of general MISs abilities;
- Promoting models of integrated community-environment framework of self-sustainable socio-economic development;
- Indirect future change of environmental soil and water decay, due to potential improvement of management quality for ongoing changes of ecosystems in the buffer zone urban land-agricultural land;
- Indirect future change of agricultural production, according to the new policy guidelines and technology advancements induced by this project in the long run;
- Tendency to modification of urban landscapes on the urban fringes according to new policy and planning guidelines aimed at protecting rural and natural spaces;
- Promotion of a stable and inter-active Mediterranean network involving both researchers and public and private stakeholders;
- Management of information needs by Intelligent and Multimedia Systems, spatio- temporal monitoring systems and GISs.


- CD-ROM aiming at disseminating the CA main results;
- Short advanced training course on data collection and analysis.
- Meetings and publications on interdependencies between agriculture and urbanisation and documentation on scenarios
- Data base links and Info-Newsletter using electronic networks to exchange information and research outcomes with other Concerted - Actions and research teams.
Period [01/10/1998 - 30/09/2002]


  • Polytechnico di Bari
    Department of Architecture and Town Planning
    Address Via Orabona 4, 70125 Bari
    Country Italy
    Web site
    Contact Dino Borri,
    Position: Professor
    Phone/fax: 39-80-5460347, 39-80-5460348
  • Université Mohamed V
    Faculty of Human Sciences, Unesco Chair on sustainable development
    Country Morocco
    Contact Mr Abdellah Laouina,
    Phone/fax: ++ 212 7 772068, ++ 212 7 771893
  • Planning authority, Floriana
    Country Malta
    Contact Mme Michelle Borg,
    Phone/fax: (356), (356) 22.48.46
  • Institut de Recherche sur le Maghreb Contemporain (IRMC)
    Country Tunisia
    Contact Mr. Mohammed Elloumi,
    Phone/fax: (216) (1) 796.722, (216) (1) 796.376
  • Ankara University
    Ernst Reuter Center for Urban Studies - Faculty of Political Sciences
    Country Turkey
    Contact Mr. Rüsen Keles ,
    Phone/fax: (90) (312) 319.77.36, (90) (312) 319.77.36