Euro-Mediterranean Information System on know-how in the Water sector
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Project Web-based European Knowledge Network on Water

WEKNOW is a Concerted Action on the quality of drinking water in Europe.

The WEKNOW project is funded by the European Commission within the fifth Framework Programme, Key Action 1 "Sustainable Management and Quality of Water", within the Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development Programme.

Project number EVK1-CT-2002-20004
Acronym WEKNOW
Geographical coverage Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Netherlands, France, Finland, Germany, United Kingdom
Budget (in €) 0
Programme INCO MED (FP5)
Web site
Objectives The primary goal of this Concerted Action is to include all stakeholders involved in the process of supplying drinking water to European citizens in order to maximise the impact of European research and effort in all areas related to drinking water.

The main objective of the concerted action is to establish a network to link EU Member States and pre-accession and associated countries for the exchange of knowledge in order to contribute to the supply of safe and wholesome drinking water to all European citizens. The project will maximise the impact of European research and efforts in all areas related to drinking water.

Within the project three Expert Working Groups (EWG) are responsible for scientific input and the production of position papers. In order to achieve it’s goals, each EWG will organise three workshops. In addition, a number of tools for information exchange will be used, such as: dedicated website, regular newsletters, two annual conferences, a map of knowledge and a map of expertise. During the run time of the project the possibilities for continuation of the network will be explored and worked out in a detailed business plan.

WeKnow includes all stakeholders involved in research, production and supply of drinking water, such as: research institutes, universities, regulators, inspectorates, water supply companies, pipe manufacturers, food industry (including e.g. soft drinks industry) and European consumer organisations.
Period [25/12/2003 - 25/12/2006]