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Project METAP Albania (Water supply and sewerage management), Turkey (Istanbul environment project) (Patara cultural heritage), Tunisia, Algeria (Meps)

- The context for the project is a long-term strategy decided on by the Ministerial Conference on Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation in April 1990. That strategy is to be carried out in consultation with the Mediterranean Action Plan and is to include specific actions intended to achieve the fundamental objective of an environment compatible with sustainable development of the Mediterranean Basin.

- Four sub-projects are included in this project. They are:
• water supply and sewerage management for Albania
• an environment project for Turkey (Istanbul)
• a cultural heritage project for Turkey (Patara)
• municipal environment plans for Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Lebanon, Cyprus, and Albania.

Project number LIFE92 TCY/INT/016
Subject(s) ANALYSIS AND TESTS , no translation available , no translation available , no translation available
Acronym LIFE
Geographical coverage Algeria, Cyprus, Lebanon, Albania, Tunisia, Turkey, Morocco
Budget (in €) 1245000
Programme LIFE
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Objectives - The main objectives of each project areas follows:

* Water supply and Sewerage Management (Albania): to better understand the health implications of sewerage and water supply in various parts of Albania; to identify projects for their improvement and to strengthen institutional capacity to improve water management.
* Istanbul Environmental Project (Turkey): design of municipal sewage treatment at Tuzla; assessment of optimum outfall siting and design of the Riva disposal scheme.
* Patara Cultural Heritage (Turkey): preparation of a multi-use management plan for the cultural and natural resources at Patara.
* Municipal Environmental Plans (Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Lebanon, Cyprus, Albania): to prepare municipal environmental plans (MEPs) for six cities in the Mediterranean region.
Period [01/04/1993 - 01/06/1997]


    Coordinator acts as project coordinator
    Country United States of America
    Contact Mr TULUY Hasan,
    Position: coordinator
    Phone/fax: 1 202 477 1234, 1 202 477 0711

Funding sources

  • European Commission
    Source EC LIFE
    Programme LIFE
    Funding rate 100