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Project Spatial quality enhancement, Alleviation of flood damage and Nature enlargement by Development and redevelopment of mineral extraction sites along rivers


Project number n/a
Acronym SAND
Geographical coverage Netherlands, France, Germany
Budget (in €) 9800000
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Objectives The objective of SAND is flood alleviation in North-West Europe by the use of mineral extraction pits, with a special focus on improving water quality and spatial quality. SAND addresses various aspects of developing mineral extraction sites depending on the local situation. The project involves several countries with different types of rivers, including large rivers like the Rhine and the Seine and small rivers like the Oise, Aisne and Erft, each with their own site-specific mineral extraction. Clay, sand and gravel extraction is important in France and the Netherlands, while lignite mining is important in Germany.
Results SAND will test the conditions under which an optimal approach can be implemented by analysing five pilot projects, joint issues and proposed solutions for each particular situation. This will finally result in a manual for preparing a Master Plan for the development of mineral extraction sites based on all SAND concept issues. This manual will be intended for widespread use throughout Europe.
Period [01/07/2003 - 30/06/2008]


  • Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management - Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management, East- Netherlands (RWS-ON) (Arnhem)
    RWS-ON has its office in Arnhem and covers the Dutch provinces of Gelderland and Overijssel (total surface area of 7,893 km2) and parts of the main rivers in adjoining provinces. RWS-ON is part of the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management; Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management. As part of that ministry, RWS-ON is responsible for safety on and along the main rivers (82 km2 of water surfaces and 50,000 ha (500 km2) of floodplains), as well as investment in the Afferdense and Deestse Waarden (floodplains) demonstration location near Druten along the river Waal in the province of Gelderland in the central Netherlands, covering 285 ha.
    Coordinator acts as project coordinator
    Country Netherlands
    Web site
    Contact Mr. Henk Nijland,
    Position: SAND project manager
    Phone/fax: +31 (0)26 368 8797 ; (mobile): +31 (0) 6 53150261, +31 (0) 6 53150261
  • Dienst Landelijk Gebied Regio Zuid (DLG Regio Zuid), Government Service for Land and Water Management Noord-Brabant

    DLG is part of the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality. DLG's mission is to develop attractive and economically viable rural areas. DLG projects strengthen the development of rural areas, focusing on agriculture, nature and recreation. DLG has been active in the Netherlands for a period of almost seventy years and has a head office in Utrecht and eleven provincial offices.

    In the Keent project, DLG Zuid cooperates closely with Rijkswaterstaat - Limburg. DLG Zuid has its office in Tilburg and covers the province of Noord-Brabant which has an area of 5082 km2. One of DLG's main tasks is redeveloping agricultural floodplain areas into multi-purpose nature areas.The entire Keent project covers 364 ha or 3.6 km2. Only Phase 1 (61 ha) will be part of the SAND project.

    Country Netherlands
    Web site
    Contact ,
    Phone/fax: ,
  • Institution Interdépartementale des Barrages - Reservoirs du Bassin de la Seine (Grands Lacs de Seine)

    IIBRBS is responsible for the Seine river basin (40,000 km2) upstream from the Paris Région (Ile-de-France), where one out of six French people live. IIBRBS is responsible for:

    reducing the impacts of floods for the Seine river and its main tributaries;
    maintaining a sufficient water flow in order to secure both the drinking water needs for the Paris region as well as an ecological equilibrium for the rivers;
    providing an on-going focus on the reduction of risks that takes into account management efficiency for the existing installations as well as the building of new ones.       
    The pilot project is located at the confluence of the Seine and the Yonne rivers. This hydrological project involves 12 municipalities and a total surface area covering 4,300 ha (20 km along the valley). The retention area extends across 2,500 ha. The spatial project involves 47 municipalities (over 100 km2).

    Country France
    Web site
    Contact Mr. Pierre Yves Durand,
    Phone/fax: +33 (0) ; (mobile): +33 (0), +33-(0)
  • Agglomération de la Région de Compiègne (ARC)
    ARC Compiègne is a intercommunal association of 14 cities including Compiègne and several surrounding towns with a total area of 190 km2. The project itself has a total area of 700 ha and is located at the confluence of the Oise and Aisne rivers which eventually flow into the Seine.
    Country France
    Web site
    Contact Mr. Jean-Guy Hallo,
    Phone/fax: +33 (0), +33-(0)3-
  • Erftverband

    Erftverband involves 43 cities and dozens of small towns and covers a total area of 1,918 km2, which is the above-ground catchment area of the Erft, as well as subsurface waters on an area of 2,298 km2. The main tasks of the Erftverband are:

    1.Groundwater and water supply

    research and observation of the water resources affected by lignite mining;
    measures to secure the private and industrial water supply;
    regulation of the groundwater level;
    compensation of negative ecological effects.
    2. Waste water management

    wastewater treatment and sludge removal;
    maintenance of sewer systems.
    3. Surface waters

    maintenance of surface water;
    flood prevention and mitigation;
    river restoration.
    The retention reservoir and "Boisdorfer See" are located in a former open lignite mining pit near Kerpen, about 20 km south-west of Cologne. The total project area is about 125 ha. The floodplain connects the retention reservoir with two branches of the Erft river which eventually flow into the Rhine.

    Country Germany
    Web site
    Contact Mr. Ulrich Kern,
    Phone/fax: +49(0)2271 88 1245, +49-(0)2271-88-1210