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Project Water Supply Bseira & Hama

- To support the Syrian government in mitigating rural-urban migration, improving sanitary conditions in peripheral regions and reducing imbalances in living conditions between urban and rural areas, the EU supported since 1994 a programme of Water Supply to Bseira & Hama Rural Regions through a grant of € 7.5 million, supplemented by a further grant of € 2.1 million in 1998.
-  It addressed key areas of natural resources and environmental protection as well as of socio-economic development in Syria, in the light of an annual population growth of about 3 % and the exposure of semi-arid zones to climate deterioration.

Project number n/a
Subject(s) no translation available , DRINKING WATER AND SANITATION : COMMON PROCESSES OF PURIFICATION AND TREATMENT , no translation available , no translation available
Geographical coverage Syria
Budget (in €) 24000000
Programme MEDA-NIPs
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- The specific objective of the project was to provide drinking water of an assured quality to 22 villages in the Governorate of Deir-Ez-Zour (Bseira) and 53 villages in the Governorate of Hama (Ghaab valley) of a present population of about 150,000 inhabitants in particular, it aimed at:

    - Relocation of a water intake from the Euphrates river, installation of a water treatment plant at Bseira, of conveyor lines to/from the plant, storage tanks, distribution systems and household connections in rural areas of Bseira district;
    - Improving the water supply capacity in the Hama region through improved water in-takes from springs, drilling of wells, installation of storage tanks, conveyor & distribution systems, household connections and leakage detection.

 * Expected Results:

  • - Availability of integrated drinking water supply systems in both projects areas, following internationally proven technical and quality standards;
    - Trained personnel in systems maintenance, operation and water quality control;
    - Improved institutional capacity of both beneficiary institutions in planning and implementation of water supply projects
Period [03/01/1994 - 31/12/2003]


  • EC Delegation in Syria
    Coordinator acts as project coordinator
    Country Syria
    Contact ,
    Phone/fax: 963-11-3327640 , 963-11-3320683

Funding sources

  • European commission
    Source European commission
    Programme MEDA-NIPs
    Funding rate 40
  • General Organisations for Drinking Water Supply & Sanitary Drainage of the Mohafazats of Hama & Deir-Ezzor
    Source General Organisations for Drinking Water Supply & Sanitary Drainage of the Mohafazats of Hama & Deir-Ezzor
    Programme MEDA-NIPs
    Funding rate 53