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Project An Agenda 21 for the basin slope of north-west Tunisia

- In the past four years, Tunisia’s Ministry of Environment and Land Use has developed a National Agenda 21 that has specified the main goals of the government for sustainable development.

- Agenda 21 consists of four principles at the local, regional, and national levels: (1) integration of environmental issues in development with a multi-sectoral coordination; (2) participation of all the stakeholders; (3) information at all levels; and (4) monitoring to take into account all lessons learned into future activities of sustainable development.  

- In 1995, Tunisia developed a national Agenda 21 that lists the country’s priorities in development and sustainable development.  The main goals of the document are to: (1) guarantee that each sector takes into account environmental protection issues in their development activities since the start; and (2) insure that the priorities for development as selected during the planning process correspond to the real needs of the population.  Tunisia has also decided to develop local Agenda 21 to take into account the local environmental issues and ensure that that the actions of sustainable development are based on local conditions

Project number LIFE98 TCY/TN/127
Subject(s) no translation available
Geographical coverage Tunisia
Budget (in €) 250000
Programme LIFE
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Objectives - The overall objective of the project was to develop an Agenda 21 action plan for the sustainable development of the watershed in the northwest of Tunisia.

- The project developed five local Agenda 21 action plans in five local communities in the Northwest region of Tunisia.  At the national level, the project created a Steering Committee including representatives from 13 ministries, in charge of coordinating local initiatives. 

- The project also created 12 local Agenda 21 committees which rely on a participatory approach to develop local Agenda 21 action plans that promote dialogue among stakeholders (public sector, private sector, and NGOs). 

- Waste management was one of the main issues in the action plans.  The project trained stakeholders and promoted a greater awareness of better waste management practices; in particular, the project supported a study on the privatisation of the regional composting facility.    

- The project organised 42 meetings and workshops to inform local stakeholders such as decision makers, governors, presidents of municipalities, elected officials, NGOs, and private sector.  Using a participatory approach, the project organised 22 workshops to draft the local Agenda 21, conduct the diagnostic, agree on the objectives, and develop the action plan.  

Period [01/03/1999 - 31/07/2001]


    Ministère de l'Environnement et de l'Aménagement du Territoire
    Coordinator acts as project coordinator
    Country Tunisia
    Contact Ms. Benzarti Amel,
    Position: Director CITET
    Phone/fax: +216 71 772-014/770-285 , +216 71 772-255

Funding sources

  • European commission
    Source European commission
    Programme EC LIFE
    Funding rate 100