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Institutional and social innovations in irrigation mediterranean management

Starting date: 2003/05/01 - Duration (months): 48


The aim of the ISIIMM project is to share experiences, knowledge and build new perspectives for sustainable water management in Mediterranean agriculture systems. The project will work on 12 specific well documented case studies inside river basins in 6 different Mediterranean countries, involving local partners, water users, citizens, development agents, researchers, teachers and administrations in building new visions and agreements for the sustainable management of water resources. With a primary objective to help local rural communities adapt to the emerging problems resulting from pressures on the water supply, two priorities will guide programmed activities: working with local irrigation organisations and working with the professionals of development.


Partners Countries Contacts
(Project coordinator) - web
FR Mr.Jean-Louis COUTURE
IAV Hassan II - Institut Agronomique et Vétérinaire Hassan II MA Mr. Mohamed EL FAIZ
CRDRS - Center for Rural Development Research and Studies EG Dr. Mohamed NAWAR
CCIAZ - Chambre de Commerce, d’Industrie et d’Agriculture de Zahle et la Bekaa - web LB Mr. Said GEDEON
CVER-UPV - Dept. Ing. Hidraulica y Medio Ambiente - Centro Valenciano Estudios Riego ES Mr. José CARLES GENOVES
Chambre Régionale d’Agriculture Languedoc-Roussillon FR Ms. Stéphanie BALSAN
FEEM - Fondazione Enrico Eni Mattei IT Ms. Anita Fassio

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