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         Environmental Statistics in the Mediterranean

Activities within the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership can only be successfully implemented and have their full impact if backed by accurate information, and effective communication. Raw data are needed to bring Euro-Mediterranean realities into focus, and that is the role of statistics. In addition, awareness of the Partnership’s progress and achievements comes through personal contacts and continuing access to information.

MEDSTAT includes thematic sub-programmes: external trade, environment (including water), transport, migration, tourism, national accounts, informal sector (i.e. non-observed economy); and two horizontal sub-programmes: training and information systems. The implementation of the Environment sub-programme, was entrusted to the Blue Plan by the European Commission.

The MEDSTAT project was prepared by the European Commission in 1996 for reinforcing production capacities and leveraging statistics in the twelve southern and eastern countries or authorities participating in the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership Agreement. Since Cyprus and Malta joined the European Union in 2004, there are now ten countries: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Israel, Palestinian Authority, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey.

The MEDSTAT project stands under the aegis of the statistical office of the European Community, EUROSTAT.

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Localized File Newsletter No.05 - October 2011 - MEDSTAT III Euro-Mediterranean Statistical Cooperation
Localized File Environmental statistics in the Mediterranean countries - Compendium 2005 This publication is the second environmental statistics compendium produced by Eurostat with data coming from the national statistics offices (NSOs) of the EU's twelve southern and eastern Mediterranean partner countries. It presents the data and the metadata collected within these twelve countries in the framework of the MEDSTAT-Environment project, including a whole set of general indicators plus more specific indicators concerning soils, forests, water, marine environment, biodiversity, atmospheric pollution and production and treatment of solid wastes. Certain tables help to make comparisons at a regional level, while others illustrate the historical evolution at a national level.

Details of this product on Eurostat
Localized File Euro-Mediterranean Statistic 2007 Statistiques euro-méditerranéennes, Euro-Mediterranean statistics, الإحصائيات الأوروـ متوسطية
Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, 2007 – 216 pp.- trilingual.
Published in paper version and on CD-ROM.
Catalogue number: KS-DI-07-001-3U-C
The publication can be downloaded and ordered free of charge on the Eurostat website.

File MEDSTAT III Euro-Mediterranean Statistical Cooperation - Newsletter No.05 - October 2011

The rhythm of activities of the MEDSTAT III project has not been muchaltered by the events in the region, which proves the sustainedsupport to statistics in the MED countries. The mandates given by theDirectors Committee regarding the improved collaboration with otherinternational organizations in the region have been fulfilled, inparticular through the organisation of a number of inter-institutionalcontacts in the fields of Migration, Energy and Agriculture statistics.After some pause due to the Ramadan and holiday periods, a busyautumn is foreseen, including a special meeting of the DirectorsCommittee to further discuss the future strategy for statisticalcooperation in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

Pointer MEDSTAT data The Eurostat through the Medstat project has been able to provide figures at the country level.
URL MEDSTAT database on statistics

including environment statistics for Med partner countries

Localized File Pilot Study "Water and Tourism" The MEDSTAT II programme has published an innovative study on water consumption in the tourism sector. This Pilot Study "Water and Tourism" explores the issue of water use by tourism activities and assesses the availability of statistical information in four countries: Israel, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia.
File Presentation on MEDSTAT, April 2004
HTML Document The MEDSTAT programme in brief
File Workshop report on environment statistics in ESCWA region countries