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HTML Document Noah PEYSSON

Junior Project Manager

Noah PEYSSON graduated in 2022 with a Master’s in Creative Sustainability from Aalto University, Finland. He also holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from the Sorbonne University, France. In 2021, he submitted his master’s thesis on “Improving Environmental and Social Considerations in Supply Chain Management”, focusing on the procurement of Activated Carbon in the Finnish water industry. The results have been presented at the IWA World Water Congress in 2022. With systemic and multidisciplinary knowledge over the economic system, the energy sector, as well as the planetary boundaries, Noah is deeply concerned by the environmental and social crises humanity is navigating in, and is motivated by the urgency to act. He aspires to work on transforming our water and agricultural systems, both vital, and in need of increased resilience, explaining why he joined SEMIDE in 2023.

Released 09/01/2023