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Released 10/02/2006

Regional and multilateral co-operation complements and reinforces the bilateral approach. Regional programmes operate in all three domains of the Barcelona Declaration, namely the political and security dimension; the economic and financial dimension; the social, cultural and human dimension. Regional activities are open to all 27 partners.

Examples of regional programmes or projects financed are the MEDA-Water, the EuroMeSCo network of foreign policy institutes, the Femise network of economic research institutes, the SMAP environmental programme, the Euromed Heritage programme and the Euromed Audiovisual programme. More information.

Regional and multilateral co-operation reflects the progress made in the framework of the Barcelona Process in taking action at a multilateral level on issues of common concern, as laid down in the agreed declaration, and strengthening activities in support of decentralised co-operation. The regional programmes cover the three domains of the Barcelona Declaration.