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Event 6-day intensive course on: “Operation and Maintenance of Distillation Processes”
Event Aquaterra 2007: World Forum on Delta & Coastal Development
Event CP/RAC National Focal Points Meeting
Event EMWIS Information Seminar in Egypt
Event ESS2007 Conference: “The Environment: Survival and Sustainability”
Event Final Conference of ISIIMM Project
Event Informal Consultative Donor Meeting on Water Supply and Sanitation
Event International Climate Change and Vulnerability Conference
Event International Confrence on Water Treatment and Reuse II
Event International Symposium: "Climate Change and the European Water Dimension"
Event International conference on Environment - “Citizens of the Earth”: The Paris Conference for Global Ecological Governance
Event International conference: Water Saving in Mediterranean Agriculture & Future Research Needs
Event NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Environmental Security: Integrated Water Management, Health and Safety
Event Opening Conference of Nile Basin Research Programme
Event Practical training on Mediterranean Protected Areas
Event Presentation of "The Euro-Mediterranean Centre for Climate Change"
Event Second International Conference and Exhibition on Geo-Resources in The Middle East and North Africa
Event The 24th session of UNEP Governing Council/Global Ministerial Environment Forum (GC-24/GMEF)
Event The international workshop on Monitoring of saltwater intrusions in coastal aquifers: Groundwater, Flood Waters and Saltwater - Approaches to Risk Minimisation
Event Third Euro-Mediterranean Sustainable Development Forum – ECO MEDA FORUM 2007: Working together for Sustainability
Event World Bank Water Week 2007
Event World Wetlands Day
5th Mediterranean Water Forum