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Event 10th AGILE International Conference on Geographic Information Science
Event 15th Nitrogen Workshop
Event 1st Thematic Workshop of the EU Coordination Action RISKBASE: (Monitoring and assessment of river pollutants: a step towards the implementation of risk based management plans. Case studies of Portuguese river basins)
Event 2nd International Short Course: Advances in Knowledge of Urban Drainage from the Catchment to the Receiving Water
Event 4th International Conference on Sustainable Water Resources Management
Event 5th International Trade Fair and Congress on Waste Management: WasteTech-2007
Event ADST2007: Third International Conference and Exhibition: Desalination Technologies and Water Reuse
Event CMU workshop on Water Management in the Mediterranean
Event Conference: "Coordinating Framework Programme and Structural Funds to support R&D"
Event EARSC Workshop on Earth observation in the framework of GMES and GEOSS
Event EMWIS National Information Seminar in Palestine
Event EMWIS National information seminar in Cyprus
Event EMWIS National information seminar in Jordan
Event Environment 2007 conference & exhibition: The 5th International Conference & Exhibition for Environmental Technologies, Management & Funding
Event Fourth International Conference on River Basin Management
Event IWEX 2007, part of Sustainabilitylive: the UK's largest forum for water and waste water professionals
Event International Conference on Technologies for Industrial Wastewater Treatment and Reuse in the Mediterranean Region
Event The 1st meeting of Working Group F on Floods
Event The 2007 Amsterdam Conference on the Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change: Earth System Governance
Event The 4th International Water Association Conference on Membranes for Water and Wastewater Treatment
Event The 6th Meeting of the Circle of Mediterranean Parliamentarians for Sustainable Development
Event The Middle East waste and water congress
Event WATERSKETCH Final event: European Symposium on Spatial Planning Approaches to Sustainable River Basin Management
Event Water Awareness Stakeholder Workshop
Event Workshop "How can economics best support water policy decision making? Taking stocks of the first years of WFD implementation"
Event Workshop on Transboundary Water Pollution, Liability and Compensation: Challenges and Opportunities
Event Workshop on the Physics of Tsunami, Hazard Assessment: Methods and Disaster Risk Management
Event World Congress on Advancing Sustainable Hydropower
5th Mediterranean Water Forum