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Event 11th Euro-Mediterranean Economic Transition Conference: "Mediterranean Economies facing the immediate environmental challenge"
Event 1st IWA Utilities Conference Customer Connection
Event 2nd Expert Group Meeting on "New Directions in IWRM implementation in Basins, Sub-basins and Aquifers"
Event 2nd International Conference on Water Resources, Technologies and Services - BULAQUA 2006/2007
Event 36th Annual Conference ‘WATER 2007’
Event 3rd European Conference on MTBE and other Fuel Oxygenates
Event 3rd International Conference on Waste Management, Recycling and Environmental Technologies
Event 4th European Conference on Contaminated Sediments
Event 5th IWA Specialised Conference: MICROPOL & ECOHAZARD 2007
Event 5th IWHA Conference ‘Pasts and Futures of Water’
Event 5th International Symposium on Spatial Data Quality 2007
Event 7th International Symposium on the Conservation of Monuments in the Mediterranean Basin ‘Water and Cultural Heritage’
Event 9th Cannes Water Symposium: Water and City
Event A High Level European Policy Summit on "Water Security: Does Europe Have a Strategy?"
Event Aguasan Workshop 23: "Opportunities and Challenges for the Water and Sanitation Sector in a Decentralized Context"
Event CANCELLED: “Hydrotop 2007” the Euro-Mediterranean Carrefour of Water
Event EMWIS National Information Seminar in Tunisia
Event EMWater 4th Regional Training Course
Event Eighth Meeting of the Mediterranean Wetlands Committee (MedWet/Com8)
Event European Forum Water 2007
Event Final FLAPP conference: "Challenges for an integrated river basin management in Europe" - Improving flood management across borders
Event Green Week 2007 ? Lessons from the past, challenges for the future
Event Groundwater Management in the Danube River Basin and other Large River Basins Conference
Event INBO: Invitation to its 7th General World Assembly 2007
Event IWA Conference "Membrane technologies for wastewater treatment and reuse" and “Membrane-based concepts for decentralised municipal wastewater treatment“ Workshop
Event International Forum on Drought: Counteract Drought, Take actions.
Event International Workshop on Numerical Modelling of Hydrodynamics for Water Resources
Event Italian-Spanish seminar on the topic “Fluvial Requalification for risk reduction”
Event Le VI è Symposium International sur l'Environnement, Catalyse et Génie des procédés
Event Med working group on “water scarcity and droughts” of Joint Process
Event Mobility and Environment European Policy Summit & Horizon 2020: Bridging the EU-US divide on biofuels and climate change (Two Atlantic Rendez-Vous satellite debates between Brussels and Washington DC)
Event Regional Forum on Local Water Governance: “Water is everybody’s business.”
Event Symposium on the occasion of UNESCO-IHE's 50th anniversary: 'Water in a changing world: Enhancing local knowledge and capacity'
Event Technology for safe drinking water in Southern Europe, 2nd Regional Technology Platform
Event The 1st Stakeholder Workshop and the 2nd Annual Steering Committee Meeting of INECO project
Event The 7th biennial international conference of the European Society for Ecological Economics: "ESEE 2007: Integrating Natural and Social Sciences for Sustainability"
Event The EU Sustainable Development Strategy (EUSDS) Business Response – Contact Group kick off event" : “An Ambitious Business Response in support to the EU Sustainable Development Strategy”
Event The Ninth Water Information Summit (WIS9): "Information in an Age of Water Insecurity: the Roles of Networking, Education, and Technology"
Event Towards an European Network of Water and Sanitation solidarity funds
Event UNU Workshop on Environmental Security in MENA: Leadership for Water and Energy Security in the Middle East and North Africa
Event Water, Climate and Environment - Solutions and the Bottom Line: A CIWEM - CMS Conference
Event World Canals Conference 2007
Event XII Dam Monitoring International Conference: the hazard resulting from hydrotechnical structure operating, recognition, monitoring and prevention
Event id21 insights 67 seminar - ‘New Directions in Water Governance’
5th Mediterranean Water Forum