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Event 2nd International Congress on Wastewater Treatment in Small Communities (SmallWat07)
Event 3rd European Forum on Eco-innovation: Boosting Eco-Technologies Through Verification
Event ALDE Workshop: "New environmentally friendly technology for recovery of valuable components, water purification and soil protection"
Event Climate Change Impacts in the Czech-German Elbe River Basin
Event Conference on Municipal Waste Management - Horizon 2020
Event ECO-IMAGINE Final Conference
Event EMWIS National information seminar in Tunisia
Event ESA Second Space for Hydrology Workshop: "Surface Water Storage and Runoff: Modeling, In-Situ data and Remote Sensing"
Event Economic Week of the Mediterranean
Event European Water Management and Climate Change
Event Experts visit: Algerian, Tunisian looked at the French Water Information System
Event FEMISE Annual Conference
Event Hispano-Moroccan Forum on Sustainable Development of Water and Energy - the 4th International Renewable Energy and Water Technologies Exhibition
Event INNOVA MED course on Innovative Processes and Practices for Wastewater Treatment and Re-use
Event International Conference on Risk Assessment in European River basins: State of the Art and Future Challenges
Event International Conference: « Instituting sustainable development. Adaptation, professionalization, standardization »
Event International Roundtable on Integrated Management of Shared Groundwater in Southeastern Europe
Event International Symposium "Advanced Water Treatment with UV Technologies: from R&D to Reactor Design and Validation''
Event MELIA 1st Workshop: “Water culture and water conflict in the Mediterranean Area”
Event Meeting of Director-General Responsible for Water in the EU
Event PR09, River Basin District Planning and Land Use - Planning the Lessons into Practice
Event SMAP III TA holds Sustainable Development workshops in Cairo
Event The governance of sustainable development with the New Member States of the European Union: WATER AS A NEW VECTOR FOR SOLIDARITY CHALLENGES, Suggestions for France's 2008 EU presidency
Event The “1st International Conference on Adaptive & Integrated Water Management: Coping with complexity and uncertainty" (CAIWA 2007)
Event Transboundary Water Management for the MENA Region
Event Water Resources Research and Management Training Course
Event Water and Climate Task Force: 1st meeting
Event Workshop on Water Stress Indicators Development
Event Workshop/Training course on Spatial Data Infrastructure and on the Clearing House Portal and Data Toolkit
Event « EUROPE-INBO 2007 » International conference on the implementation of the European Water Framework Directive
5th Mediterranean Water Forum