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Event sev274054 Item only translated in French
Event sev930433 Item only translated in French
Event sev058573 Item only translated in French
Event 10th Conference on Environmental Education in Europe
Event 2008 World Water Day Seminar on Water and Sanitation
Event 2e édition de la Semaine de l’environnement
Event 3rd FEMIP Conference: "Promoting sustainable tourism in the Mediterranean: how to address the economic and environmental challenges"
Event 4th Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly plenary session
Event A CIWEM – CMS Conference: "Drinking water quality: lessons & planning for investment"
Event A Mediterranean Union, how and why?
Event Advanced training Course on Spatial Planning as a Strategy for Mitigation and Adaptation to Natural Hazards
Event CIWEM - Environment Agency conference: Critical Infrastructure and Flooding - Responding to Realities
Event Closing Conference of the MedWet CODDE project- Wetland Inventory and Assessment in the Mediterranean region: Advanced Tools
Event Conference: "Climate Change, a new Challenge for Development Cooperation?"
Event ESWT Workshop: Waste Framework Directive
Event International Conference on Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM): Lessons from Implementation in Developing Countries and the 2nd Africa Regional meeting of the National Committees of UNESCO’s International Hydrological Programme
Event Internship opportunity: State of the art on "Role playing games and experiments" for water management
Event IrWa Project Conference: Challenges for Irrigation Water Management
Event Launch of the network known as Aqua Publica Europea
Event MEDSTAT II Environment Sector / UNESCWA / UNSD Joint Sub-regional Training Session on the System of Environmental-Economic Accounting for Water (SEEAW)
Event Meeting on Unconventional Water Resources for Water Supply (Water Management in the Arid Zones. Role of Unconventional Water Resources)
Event NORMAN workshop "Integrated strategies for risk assessment of emerging substances"
Event Palestine: World Water Day
Event Pi08 - International Conference on Performance Assessment of Urban Infrastructure Services: Drinking water, wastewater and solid waste
Event SPLASH ERA-Net e-conference: "Towards better water policies: how can increasing the uptake of research findings help?" - subscribe now
Event The 4th International Conference on the Water Resources in the Mediterranean Basin, WATMED 4
Event The First African Water Week (AWW-1): “Accelerating the Water Security for Socio-Economic Development of Africa”
Event The Second DME Seminar: Pumps and Valves in Desalination Plants
Event UNESCO Institute for Water Education: Online courses registration open
Event United Nations/UNESCO/Saudi Arabia: International Conference on the Use of Space Technology
Event WEDC short course on accessibility of water and sanitation
Event Water Concert
Event Working seminar on European funding and sources for water related projects
Event World Water Day Celebration, 20 March 2008
5th Mediterranean Water Forum