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Event ADIRA Workshop on Desalination Powered by Renewable Energy

As the availability of clean water is gradually becoming a major issue in many countries, measures of water conservation, reuse and desalination appear as the most important first step of defence
against the upcoming shortages.

The MEDA Water Programme of the European Union, consisting of a number of water related
projects, is covering many relevant subjects with main focus in regions around the Mediterranean,
where water problems are expected to be significant.

For many years, the ADIRA project, has studied in depth the engineering and economics of brackish and sea water desalination and has lately installed a number of small autonomous water desalination units, operating on solar energy (mainly PV), in Morocco, Turkey, Jordan and Cyprus.
On Wednesday, the 28th of May, the ADIRA experts will present and discuss their experiences in a
WORKSHOP, which will be attended by a large number of invited Water Desalination experts,
scientists, decision makers, investors and in general actors and stakeholders, who will actively
participate in the process by submitting their knowledge and expertise.

The ADIRA WORKSHOP is taking place within the framework of the 4th European PV Hybrid & Mini Grid Conference and will be the first event to take place in the National Bank Conference Centre, in Athens (Glyfada).

All attendants will have free entry and complimentary copies of the ADIRA HANDBOOK© and
AUDESSY© evaluation software.

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Contact information Ms Loukia Geronikolou (email: ;
Phone: +30 210 5294046, +30 210 5294762/ +30 210 8917100, Fax. +30 210 8917177
Event type Seminar
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Source ADIRA project
Geographical coverage Greece,
Address Hosted by the 4th European PV ‐ Hybrid & Mini Grid Conference in Athens in the National Bank Conference Centre, in Athens (Poseidonos 41‐43, Glyfada)
Organizer The Agricultural University of Athens within the framework of the MEDA Water Programme
Target audience Regional
Duration WEDNESDAY 28th of May 2008, 15:00
Period 28/05/2008
Status Confirmed
Working language(s) ENGLISH