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Event sev988423 Item only translated in French
Event une-journee-de-loieau-lutilisation-des-eaux-de Item only translated in French
Event pour-une-ambition-mondiale-les-entretiens-de-la Item only translated in French
Event eau-dans-la-ville-assainissement-urbain Item only translated in French
Event la-conference-internationale-sur-la-crise Item only translated in French
Event colloque-ressource-et-gestion-sociale-de-leau- Item only translated in French
Event 10th ConSoil Conference 2008
Event 10th edition of the Cannes Water Symposium
Event 24th Conference of the Danubian Countries on the Hydrological Forecasting and Hydrological Bases of Water Management
Event 28th EARSeL Symposium & Workshops "Remote Sensing for a Changing Europe" - 8th workshop of the GIS in Developing Countries network Integrating GIS and Remote Sensing in a Dynamic World -
Event 4th ECRR Conference on River Restoration
Event 4th International Conference on Energy, Environment, Ecosystems, Sustainable Development (EEESD'08)
Event 4th International Conference on Water and Wastewater Pumping Stations
Event 4th International Conference on Water and Wastewater Pumping Stations
Event 5-day shortcourse: "River Restoration: Fluvial-Geomorphic and Ecological Processes"
Event 7th International ERCOFTAC Symposium on Engineering Turbulence Modelling and Measurements - ETMM7 -
Event 9th UNESCO/IAHS Kovacs Colloquium: River Basins – from Hydrological Science to Water Management
Event A North Africa Water MDGs Monitoring and Evaluation Programme
Event Arabic environmental and legislative conference
Event Conference on Higher Education, Intercultural Dialogue and Higher Education, Slovenia, 9 June 2008
Event DHI 2nd European Software Conference – “Water Across Europe”
Event EC Conference "GREEN WEEK 2008 - Only one Earth-Don't waste it!"
Event ECWATECH 2008 - The 8th Intenational Trade fair and Congress "Water: Ecology and Technology"
Event EDS Desalination Management and Economics
Event EUROMED - 1st Information System Managers seminar
Event Expo Zaragoza 2008: water and sustainable development
Event First International Conference "Drought Management: Scientific and technological innovations"
Event First meeting of the Working Group on Water and Health
Event Forum of Local and Regional Authorities of the Mediterranean - Workshop 3: The Environment, a Factor of Development
Event Fourth International Conference on Waste Management and the Environment
Event GIS and Remote Sensing: the know-how in a course
Event Global Leakage Summit 2008
Event Hannover Workshop "High Resolution Earth Imaging for Geospatial Information" in conjunction with AGILE 2009
Event High-Level Conference on World Food Security: the Challenges of Climate Change and Bioenergy
Event IMWA 2008 — 10th Int. Mine Water Association Congress: Mine Water and the Environment
Event INSPIRE Conference 2008
Event International Conference on Small Hydropower. Hidroenergia 2008: "On the Crossroads"
Event International Conference on Water Footprint
Event International Conference on “water resources management under extreme conditions”: « ECWATECH-2008 » and « INBO - Session » : “Floods, droughts and extreme phenomenon prevention, new tools introduced by the European Water framework Directive.”
Event International Groundwater Symposium- Flow and Transport in Heterogeneous Subsurface Formations: Theory, Modelling & Applications
Event International MESO Symposium: Sharing Experiences in MENA countries - Local Analyses and Competences
Event International Specialized Course: Operation & Control of activated sludge processes by microscopic analysis
Event International Workshop on Small Satellite, New Missions and New Technologies
Event International Workshop “Water and Climate Change in Southeastern Europe: Understanding Impacts & Planning for Adaptation”
Event International technical workshop: "Water in the city & urban sanitation"
Event Ninth International Conference on Modelling, Monitoring and Management of Water Pollution
Event Regional Symposium: "Water resources management and its preservation"
Event SAND Final Event
Event Second International Conference on Sustainable Irrigation Management, Technologies and Policies
Event Seminar on Monitoring and Assessment of Transboundary Waters
Event Technology for Safe Drinking Water in Eastern Europe, 4th Regional Technology Platform
Event The 5th IWA Leading-Edge Conference & Exhibition on Water & Wastewater Technologies
Event The First Forum of the Local and Regional Authorities of the Mediterranean
Event The First International Irrigation Congress: "Management, Technology and Best Practice in Irrigation"
Event Water Management Congress Europe
Event Water Resource Systems Management in Extreme Conditions
Event Workshop on water availability and abstraction in Europe
Event World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought: Combating Land Degradation for Sustainable Agriculture
Event World Environment Day - 5 June 2008
5th Mediterranean Water Forum