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Event EWP Zaragoza Workshop Day

The EWP Zaragoza Workshop Day will be divided into three parts:
Ø       Session One: "Implementing the European Water Vision"
Ø       Session Two: "Mainstreaming behavioral and practice change"
Ø       Session three: " Profiting from improved facts and figures on water"
Session One "Implementing the European Water Vision" will discuss the ways how the newly launched European Water Vision could and should be implemented in practice with expert opinions coming from the business, NGO and governmental sector.
Session Two "Mainstreaming behavioural and practice change" will address interesting water awareness raising campaigns, high lightening the success factors on the one hand and the obstacles on the other to influence actual behavioral and practice change.
Session Three "Profiting from improved facts and figures on water" will explore the need for accurate data for decision makers, inhabitants and other stakeholders and the challenges in obtaining these figures.

Deadline for registration: 26th August 2008

Contact information Lucilla Minelli, Assistant Coordinator European Regional Process, European Water Partnership (EWP) (email:
Phone: +32 2 735 0681
Event type Seminar
File link ../PDF/Zaragoza_Workshop_Day.pdf
Source European Water Partnership (EWP)
Geographical coverage Spain
Address in the Sala de Corona, Pignatelli Building – Paseo Maria Agustin 36, Zaragoza (Spain)
Organizer European Water Partnership (EWP) and organized back to back with the European Commission, DG Environment
Target audience International
Period 04/09/2008
Status Confirmed
Working language(s) ENGLISH