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Event sev471964 Item only translated in French
Event sev504555 Item only translated in French
Event sev928103 Item only translated in French
Event sev238048 Item only translated in French
Event congres-previsions-hydrometeorologiques Item only translated in French
Event conference-internationale-leau-pour-la-paix-la Item only translated in French
Event 8emes-rencontres-annuelles-de-la-cooperation-en Item only translated in French
Event workshop-international-sur-la-gestion-des Item only translated in French
Event accompagner-linnovation-institutionnelle-le Item only translated in French
Event journees-de-loieau-sur-la-gestion-des-services Item only translated in French
Event une-expo-pas-comme-les-autres-les-toilettes-une Item only translated in French
Event sev74786 Item only translated in Arabic
Event recherche-eau-et-societe-lorsque-lhomme-interfere Item only translated in French
Event atelier-parallele-les-collectivites-locales Item only translated in French
Event 2nd European Groundwater Conference
Event 4th EWA Brussels Conference on the Economic Aspects of the Water Framework Directive
Event Advanced Course on “Risk Management in Mediterranean Agriculture: Agricultural Insurance”
Event Africa Region Monitoring and Evaluation Working Group Meeting
Event CONFERENCE: "Water scarcity and management under Mediterranean climate",
Event Changes in Water Economy: Water Object of Cultural Value
Event Consultation Meeting on Integrated Management of the extended Drin River Basin
Event EEB conference: "Crunch time for Europe's water"
Event EUROMED 2008: Desalination Cooperation among Mediterranean Countries of Europe and the MENA Region
Event EWA/BWA Workshop on Capacity Development in the Water Sector
Event Final NeWater Conference 2008: Adaptive Integrated Water Resources Management under Uncertainty - Results from the NeWater Project
Event FloodFighters :: 2008
Event GIS Day 2008
Event Global Water Efficiency 2008 Conference & Exhibition
Event ICID/UEA International Seminar - Towards a political ecology of irrigation & water use efficiency and productivity
Event ICOLD 80th Anniversary
Event INTERACT seminar on ENPI cross-border cooperation programmes: "Main management challenges for ENPI CBC"
Event IRC symposium 2008: Governance and partnerships for sanitation of urban poor
Event Innovative Monitoring, Optimization & Fouling Management of Membrane Desalination Plants
Event International Conference on Water and Urban Development Paradigms: Towards an integration of engineering, design and management approaches
Event International Workshop on "Climate change in the Maghreb: thresholds and limits to adaptation"
Event MENA Infrastructure Finance Forum: Insights on massive financing requirements of the booming power & water sector - Making PPP work in the water industry
Event Medibtikar conference on innovation financing instrument for the Mediterranean
Event The 3rd International Conference on Water Resources and Arid Environments (2008) and the 1st Arab Water Forum
Event The 3rd International Symposium GEOTUNIS 2008: "Natural resource management and Impact of climate change : Bringing the technology of Geographic Information"
Event The 5th Annual "Good Water Neighbors" Regional mayors conference and Pro Aquifer conference: "The Water Crisis – Community Leadership."
Event The 7th Annual Conference and Exhibition of the Water Supply and Sewerage Association of Albania
Event The European Policy Summit on Water
Event The First International Conference on Water Resources and Climate Change in the MENA Region
Event The Second International Meeting on Environmental Economics: “Transport, territories & environment”
Event The Water Crisis in Israel and Palestine
Event The first meeting of the Joint Monitoring Committee of the ENPI “Mediterranean Sea Basin” cross-border cooperation Programme
Event The international symposium on the water-energy nexus
Event Two days conference: Water and Climate
Event WATCH General Assembly meeting and Work Block meetings
Event WFD Workshop on "How to implement the Water Framework Directive on Public Participation: Sharing European Experiences"
Event ‘Barcelona Process: Union for the Mediterranean’ conference of the foreign affairs ministers
5th Mediterranean Water Forum