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Folder Events for 2009/05

Event les-5emes-journees-internationales-des Item only translated in French
Event le-dessalement-de-leau-de-mer-une-opportunite Item only translated in French
Event festival-africain-sur-lecologie-et-le Item only translated in French
Event salon-international-de-leau-leau-expo-forum-de Item only translated in French
Event seminaire-sur-le-suivi-et-evaluation-de-la-mise Item only translated in French
Event seminaire-international-sciences-et-technologies Item only translated in French
Event seminaure-du-cluster-euro-mediterraneen-sur-leau Item only translated in French
Event economies-deau-reutilisation-des-eaux-de-pluie Item only translated in French
Event journee-gestion-des-contentieux-avec-les-usagers Item only translated in French
Event le-2eme-edition-du-forum-mondial-sur-lunion-pour Item only translated in French
Event Water Footprint Reporting: Mapping the Way Forward 2009
Event 10y ECRR: Synergies between River Restoration and River Management; Focussing on Natura 2000 and Ramsar sites
Event 13th EMWIS Steering Committee meeting
Event 26th Information and Training Seminar for Euro-Med Diplomats
Event 2nd IWA International Symposium on Water and Wastewater in Ancient Civilizations
Event 2nd Lund Regional-scale Climate Modelling Workshop: 21st Century Challenges in Regional-scale Climate Modelling
Event 33rd International Symposium on Remote Sensing of Environment “Sustaining the Millenium Development Goals”(ISRSE33)
Event 3rd Annual Middle East Waste & Water Congress
Event 7th IAA Symposium on Small Satellites for Earth Observation
Event A Community of Water and Energy in the Middle East
Event Agritech Israel 2009 - The 17th International Agricultural Exhibition
Event BOSICON 2009 – the 2nd International Conference on Polluted Sites Remediation
Event Conference and Exhibition on "Desalination for the Environment", Clean Water and Energy
Event Conference “Sustainable Development: A Challenge for European Research”
Event Corporate Water Footprinting and Managing Water Resources
Event Global Change – Challenges for Soil Management
Event International Conference on Soil Classification and Reclamation of Degraded Lands in Arid Environments and Launch of the Abu Dhabi Soil Survey Report
Event Legal Instrument for SEIS (Shared Environmental Information System): Proposal
Event Regional Conference: Applying WEAP as a Decision Support System for IWRM
Event STRIVER Conference: Integrated water resources management in theory and practice
Event Sustainable development: a challenge for European research
Event The 8th International Conference "Odpadní vody - Wastewater 2009"
Event The Sixth FEMIP Conference on: "Sustainable Water Financing and Climate Change in the Mediterranean"
Event Water Footprint Reporting
Event WaterTech 2009: Implementing successful techniques and technologies for sustainable water resources and infrastructure management that meets future demand
5th Mediterranean Water Forum