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Event A 4-day intensive course on Integrated Water Resources Management in Arid and Semi-Arid Regions

The intensive course provides experts from all around the world with advanced tools and ideas for deeper insight into sustainable integrated water resources management in arid and semi-arid regions. Participants will gain understanding and a broad view of management tools aimed at tackling problems of water and water-related issues in water scarce regions. Evaluation and adaptation of optimal long range solutions, environmental, economical and public considerations will be analyzed to help in making the best decisions for meeting the challenges of water shortage.

The course is based on extended experience gained by the instructors in one of the most water scarce regions of the world.

The course will include identification, characterization, development and utilization of the various water sources, technical and managerial aspects (qualities, quantities, location, treatment) and environmental and engineering issues (contaminations, control, risks) which are strongly linked to the management of natural waters and their role in the national water potential. The course includes an introduction to general worldwide water status and climate changes, the role of extra waters in the national water sector and the link to the practices of the end users. Other topics will be irrigation, resources contamination and rehabilitation, economic aspects of water distribution and storage. Special emphasis will be focused on trans-boundary waters and regional agreements.

Contact information Phone: +39 (010) 69 73 850; Fax +39 (010) 69 69 850
Event type Training
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Source EDS
Geographical coverage Italy
Address Hotel Mediterranee, Via Lungomare 69, 16155 Genoa Pegli, Italy
Organizer EDS & Genoa University
Target audience International
Duration 4 days
Period [13/09/2009 - 16/09/2009]
Status Confirmed
Working language(s) ENGLISH