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Event EDS Membrane Technology, Process & System Design

The seminar topics include practical information about performance and operating conditions of reverse osmosis and nanofiltration technology for brackish and seawater desalting. The program includes introduction to membrane technology, description of commercial membrane elements,
illustration of the membrane system design process and overview of systems operation. Calculations of the investment and operating cost of membrane plants, based on design cases will be illustrated. A section of the seminar is dedicated to the modern microfiltration and ultrafiltration technology applied for treatment of potable water and as a pretreatment of feed water for RO systems. Course material also includes information on process and equipment
applied in membrane bioreactor (MBR) systems. An overview of commercial MF and UF membrane products will be provided. It will be followed by a description of the implementation process in large membrane treatment plants.The seminar is structured in the form of three seven hour a day sessions of frontal presentation combined with hands-on exercises of calculations of operating parameters and evaluation of process economics. It is expected that knowledge gained during the seminar will enable participants
to conduct critical evaluation of feasibility and design parameters of water development projects based on membrane
technology and estimation of capital and operating cost. The seminar is directed toward professionals who are familiar with membrane technology, with the objective of providing practical information on commercial products, the design process, operation conditions of membrane systems and economics of the membrane desalting and water treatment applications.

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Phone: fax: +1 928 543 3066
Event type Training
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Source European Desalination Society (EDS)
Geographical coverage Italy
Address Via Lungomare 69, 16155 Genoa Pegli, Italy
Organizer European Desalination Society, Genoa University Department of Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry
Target audience Euro
Duration 3 days
Period [03/03/2010 - 05/03/2010]
Status Confirmed
Working language(s) ENGLISH