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Event 10th meeting of the Mediterranean Wetland Committee (MedWetCom 10)

MedWet initiative has been recognized many times by the Ramsar Convention as a remarquable example of international cooperation for the protection of wetlands.

The strategic vision for MedWet, which was prepared by several members of the Mediterranean Wetlands Committee, was approved during the 9th Mediterranean Wetland Committee meeting in Changwon, Corea. This vision is now part of the Ramsar strategic plan 2009-2014 and is also a contibution to the United Nations goal "to achieve a significant reduction of the current rate of biodiversity loss".

In the Mediterranean context of water scarcity and climate change, MedWet strategic vision for the next 25 years, underlines key change factors and recognizes the crucial role of wetlands in sustainable water resource management at the level of water basins and for biodiversity conservation as a basis for important socio-economic activities (agriculture, animal breeding, fishing, tourism).

The 10th Mediterranean Wetlands Committee meeting will focus on Cross-border cooperation for wise use of wetlands. It aims to underlinethe importance we should give to cooperation and to participative approaches involving local stakeholders in the wise use of Wetlands.

This meeting willbring a new opportunity to identify together possibilities to enhance protection and development of wetlands in the Mediterranean region.

The 10th Meeting of the Mediterranean Wetlands Committee will take place in Bastia o­n the island of Corsica, France from Sunday, May 30th to Thursday, June 4th 2010 at the invitation of the French government and the Ramsar Convention o­n Wetlands. This meeting will include presentations by the host country, France and the host region, Corsica o­n their wetlands and wetland strategies. Furthermore, it will present the work of MedWet in terms of projects, finances and other administrative matters and will consult the members in the adoption of decisions that will improve the functioning of the MedWet Initiative. Inaddition, it will give the members the opportunity to present their ownactivities and progress in wetland conservation. Finally, the Meeting will include excursions that will allow the attendees to discover and explore the beauty of Corsica.

Contact information Mauricette FIGARELLA (email:
Event type Seminar
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Source MedWet
Geographical coverage France
Address Borgo, Corsica
Organizer The Mediterranean Wetlands Initiative
Target audience Regional
Duration 4 days
Period [31/05/2010 - 03/06/2010]
Status Confirmed
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