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Event 3rd International Disaster and Risk Conference IDRC Davos 2010 - Risk, Disasters, Crisis and Global Change - From Threats to Sustainable Opportunities

As recent mega-disasters and crises have shown, risk management from a single perspective is no longer
adequate to address the complex threats to today's society. The conference will address different kinds of
risks, disasters and crises. A truly integrated and participative approach is planned to ensure that the valuable
lessons learned about risk reduction from a wide spectrum are applied correctly to create safer, more resilient
and thus sustainable societies for the benefit of communities, countries and regions.

Future risk management solutions will undoubtedly involve a mix of approaches, from state-of-the art technology to forward-thinking policy making and wise institutional governance. Experts from all over the world are invited to submit abstracts and contribute to the unique, interdisciplinary dialogue in Davos. The underlying perspective of IDRC Davos 2010 is global, but with a particular focus on similarities and differences between regions of the world, representing various phases of development, political systems, and societal and environmental conditions.
This international conference aims at: an audience of academics and researchers, policy and decision makers, practitioners and experts from private sectors. 

The following topics of interest will be discussed at the IDRC Davos 2010:


  • Risk Reduction and  Disaster Management
  • Environment, Resources, Climate Change
  • Science and Education
  • Risk Governance, Society and Health 


TUE 2.1: Desertification, Land degradation and Drought 
(plenary session)

Location: Plenary
Disasters are exacerbated by desertification, land degradation and drought which are among the most pressing global environmental challenges of our time. The sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems is the basis for the provision of critical services, such as food, energy and water. Sustainable land management contributes to Human Security, poverty alleviation, climate change mitigation, adaptation and biodiversity. How is soil quality interlinked with climate change, energy security and biodiversity? What are the necessary mechanisms to prevent desertification and land degradation worldwide? What are the implications of climate change induced desertification for policy making and governance processes? This panel will discuss the available frameworks to address the challenges posed by land degradation and highlight their weaknesses. Furthermore the panel will focus on providing ideas on how to tackle the problems in the future.      

Contact information Walter J. Ammann, President of GRF Davos (email:
Event type Conference
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Source GRF Davos
Geographical coverage Switzerland
Address The Davos Congress Centre, Venue Arrival by plane The nearest airport to Davos is Zurich Airport. From there you take the train to Davos,(changing train in Zurich main station and Landquart), for further information see >>>. The train from Zurich Airport to Davos takes about 2h45min. Arrival by car Arriving from north or south simply take the highway to Landquart (direction Chur) and exit "Davos/Landquart". The Davos Congress Centre: Promenade 92, 7270 Davos Platz
Organizer GRF Davos
Target audience International
Period [30/05/2010 - 03/06/2010]
Status Confirmed
Working language(s) ENGLISH