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Event The Water Leaders Forum: Regional Engagement and Innovation from the Arab World - "Think Water! Find Solutions! "


Convened by the Arab Water Academy in Abu Dhabi, and coinciding with the celebration of the second  anniversary  of  its  establishment,  the  Water  Leaders  Forum  will  assemble  15‐20 distinguished  participants  with  high  level  contributions  from  Arab  ministers  from the water sector and associated fields, such as energy, agriculture and finance. Opinion leaders from the public  and  private  sectors,  as  well  as  leading  figures  from  regional  and  international organizations, will also participate in this forward looking leaders’ dialogue. 

Three distinct sessions will be held at the Water Leaders Forum: 

Innovative Solutions from the Arab World: Securing Water Futures – Led by the President of the  World  Water  Council,  Mr.  Loic  Fauchon  and  the  Chairman  of  the  Arab  League’s  Water Ministers Council, this high level panel of Ministers and decision makers from the Arab world plus  global  leaders  will  outline  and  discuss  new  solutions  to  water  issues  and  bring  their perspective on how the necessary political decisions will be made so that reforms take place and outline their commitment to innovation and solutions. 

Agents of Change in the Arab Water Sector – How to create the learning programs so that the current  and  new  generation  of  leaders  in  the  water  sector  have  the  knowledge,  skills  and abilities to manage the systems and solutions that will be created and develop a forum for the policy  decisions  that  need  to  be  made.  Led  by  the  Director  of  the  Arab  Water  Academy,  

Prof. Asma El Kasmi and the Rector of UNESCO‐IHE Institute for Water Education, Prof. Andras Szollosi‐Nagy  this  session  will  look  at  the  policy  discussions  that  need  to  take  place  and capacities that need to be built for 21st century water decisions makers.  

New Horizons, New Partners, New Solutions – A private high level leaders lunch that looks at the issues that must be answered if the Arab World wants to secure sustainable and integrated water management. What perspectives can the private sector, other countries experiences and international  organizations  provide;  how  have  others  used  a  scientific  and  evidence‐based approach  to  water  policies  and  what  are  the  social  and  behavior  changes  needed  to  ensure reforms in the water sector. CEOs from the private sector in Australia and Singapore and water experts from the World Bank will outline their experience. 

The Water Leader’s Forum will lay the groundwork for a secure water future in the Arab World. Results will be used in developing the capacities of new leadership; in establishing the forums where  policy,  politics  and  possibility  can  be  discussed;  where  decision  will  be  made  and innovations  explored.  It  will  start  to  build  regional  solutions  based  on  local  experience  and develop the road for the Arab World’s inputs to the 6th World Water Forum to take place in March 2012. 

Think Water! Find Solutions! Be part of the water future in the Arab World.


Contact information Asma El Kasmi, PhD; Director, Arab Water Academy (AWA): PO Box 45553, Abu Dhabi, UAE (email:
Phone: +971 2 693 4742 ; Fax: +971 2 499 7245
Event type Seminar
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Source Arab Water Academy (AWA)
Geographical coverage United Arab Emirates
Address Abu Dhabi
Organizer Arab Water Academy (AWA)
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Period 11/07/2010
Status Confirmed
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