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Event The Final International IWRM-NET Event: Improving co-operation in Water Research across Europe

OIEau on behalf of IWRM-Net consortium would like to announce the latest exciting updates to the IWRM-net Final conference on the 1st - 3rd December. We plan a lively debate with speakers and delegates from across Europe over two days along with a specific training session using the results of the research funded in the first IWRM-net joint call.

The final IWRM-Net conference has been postponed from October to the new dates 1-3 December 2010. A positive consequence of the delay, is that an optional workshops, with hydro-morphology and governance themes, where you will be able to learn in detail about recent research funded by IWRM-Net partners. The conference aims:

  • To improve the coherence and coordination of water research in Europe, to meet the needs of the Water Framework Directive
  • To demonstrate the contribution of IWRM-Net to the European Research Area for Water

 Water Policy makers and Research Managers with an interest in Integrated Water Resource Management research:

Over the last four years IWRM-net has built an international network of water and research policy makers and managers working together to develop a trans-European water research agenda and science to policy interfaces.

This event will celebrate the work we've done so far, and explore opportunities for future co-operation.

Research projects, science policy interfacing activities

IWRM-Net is an European Research Area-Network (ERA-Net) project. Over the past three years we have created a network among many of the water resource management research programmes developed by Member States. Our network has been acting on several fronts to promote IWRM research and the transfer of that research into practice.

One key IWRM-NET aim was to facilitate new trans-national and trans- regional research programmes in the field of integrated water resource management, to enable policy makers to implement the WFD on the basis of practical scientific results. We have four trans-national research projects almost complete and several more just starting up. 

Another aim was for the network to act as an interface between different stakeholders in water management and related research. We are part of the recently approved Common Implementation Strategy (CIS) Science Policy Interface (SPI) activity.

The 17 partners originally in the network have become 20 and we hope this will expand further in the future, bringing together more IWRM related research programme managers throughout Europe.

The Final IWRM-NET International Event

This Final IWRM-NET open Event is another stone in a process of building international co-operation in research activities in the field of integrated water resource management (IWRM), particularly across Europe. There will be three main themes - developing the European IWRM research agenda, the science policy interface and future plans for co-operation 

Contact information The IWRM-net team , Steven Midgley / Natacha AMORSI, OIEAU (email: ; ; ;
Event type Conference
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Source IWRM project - OIEAU
Geographical coverage Belgium
Address Bedford Hotel and Congress Centre, Brussels
Organizer IWRM project
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Period [01/12/2010 - 03/12/2010]
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