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Folder Events for 2011/06

Event csfd-seminaire-2011-de-recherche-politiques-programmes-et-projets-de-lutte Item only translated in French
Event 5eme-journee-sur-le-traitement-et-la-reutilisation-des-eaux Item only translated in French
Event la-6eme-edition-du-colloque-international-journees-internationales-des Item only translated in French
Event autosurveillance-et-modelisation-des-reseaux-d-assainissement-retours-d Item only translated in French
Event colloque-europeen-noviwam-la-recherche-au-service-de-la-gestion-integree-des Item only translated in French
Event journee-les-liens-de-l-eau-milieux-societe-politique Item only translated in French
Event seminaire-international-1-pour-l-objectif-7c Item only translated in French
Event 13th-cannes-water-symposium-qualite-de-l-eau-et-risques-pour-la-sante Item only translated in French
Event 14th Annual Conference on Global Economic Analysis "Governing Global Challenges: Climate Change, Trade, Finance and Development"
Event 2nd International Exergy LCA and Sustainability Workshop and Symposium
Event 4th National Conference of Urban Hydraulics
Event A common vision for water innovation
Event ACWUA second training course: “GIS for Water Utilities”
Event Annual Conference on European Environmental Law 2011
Event Aquatech China 2011
Event CIWEM training: Building a Sustainable Business
Event CIWEM training: Calculations
Event Cannes Water Symposium 2011
Event Conference : Rediscovering together Memory of Water in the Mediterranean
Event Courses in desalination
Event Darfur International Water Conference: Water for Sustainable Peace 2011
Event EAERE 18th Annual Conference
Event ENPI CBC MED / technical event Tunis, June 1st
Event ESF-MedCLIVAR Conference: "Mediterranean Climate: from past to future"
Event Euro-Demonstration
Event Global forum on urban adaptation and resilience
Event IASWS 2011: 12th International Symposium on the Interactions between Sediments and Water
Event Implementing an Environmental Management System
Event International Conference on Sustainable Management of sewage sludge and biowaste
Event International SWAT Conference & Workshops - VII Congreso SWAT - Toledo 2011
Event International Seminar on wastewater reuse in the Arab region
Event International Seminar on « Increase the understanding of the impacts of climate variability and global change: are coastal pollution and ocean warming having additive or multiplicative impacts in the Mediterranean Sea? »
Event International Symposium EWRA
Event International conference on "Integrated water resource management in the Mediterranean: Dialogue towards new strategy"
Event National Water Law Symposium
Event Online press conference about the expected outcomes from the Climate Investment Fund Partnership Forum
Event Surface Water Management: The Developing Picture and Key Lessons
Event The 11th SGEM2011 International GeoConference
Event The 5th INSPIRE Conference 2011
Event The Hamburg Environment Forum for the EMA-Region - With innovation into a common future -
Event The International Training of Trainers on Wetland Management, 2011
Event The New Politics of Water Water security and economic growth in emerging economies
Event The World Justice Forum III
Event Three EDS desalination courses
Event Training on Constructed Wetlands (8 Hour)
Event UNESCO-IHE Training: Applied Groundwater Modelling
Event Utilisation des eaux usées urbaines traitées en irrigation
Event VI International Symposium: Water Engineering and Management in a Changing Environment
Event Virtual conference to address global water challenges
Event Watarid 3: Uses and policies of water
Event Water Governance: Meeting the Challenges of Global Change
Event Water, Climate and Development: Towards COP 17
5th Mediterranean Water Forum