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Event Global Forum on Environment: Making Water Reform Happen

Better water management is vital to meet human needs, sustain economic activities, and achieve environmental goals.

Yet, identifying the policies and approaches to improve the governance and financing of water is only a first step. Governments face challenges in navigating the political economy of reform in the water sector.

The OECD's work across a range of challenging economic and policy isues provides a rich source of insight into the levers that can unlock reform in the water sector. 


The objective of the Global Forum on Water is to gather a broad range of senior policy makers and leaders in the water sector to debate and discuss the key messages emerging from the recent OECD work on water. This work focuses on the policy issues related to pricing and financing, multilevel governance, public-private partnerships, and managing water resources in agriculture.

The focus on “Making Water Reform Happen” will provide an opportunity to share experiences and explore how countries can overcome the challenges in implementing water policy reform.

The Forum's discussions will help to shape the OECD’s key messages for the 6th World Water Forum in Marseille on 12-17 March 2012.

Target Audience:

  • Top-level and senior government officials from OECD and non-OECD countries
  • Business leaders
  • Leaders of non-governmental organisations (NGO's) and other civil society organisations
  • Representatives of intergovernmental organisations
  • Representatives of international financing institutions and donor agencies
  • Leading experts in the water sector

*Attendance to this event will be by invitation only

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The Water Challenge: OECD's Response

The OECD Environmental Outlook to 2030 has identified water as one of the four critical environmental priorities for the coming two decades.

    Agricultural Water Management

Agriculture is responsible for approximately 70% of water use worldwide.  Agriculture is a major user of land and water resources and has significant environmental impacts.          

    Water and Multilevel Governance

Water can be perceived as a local concern, however its efficient, sustainable and equitable management requires an integrated approach involving multiple stakeholders.

    Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation

Countries the world over face mounting challenges in providing safe and affordable drinking water and sanitation services – from meeting the water targets in the Millennium Development Goals to complying with increasingly stringent environmental standards.


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