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Event Eighth Edition of the Fès Forum on the Alliance of Civilizations, Cultural Diversity and the Euro-Mediterranean cooperation on the theme : « The Young and the Challenges of Globalization: Environment, Education, Training and Creativity »

Topic areas of the Forum

The issues at hand in the Fez Forum require pluridisciplinarity and a transversal approach to analysis. The Fez Forum Committee would like to suggest a number of orientations for reflection and exchange which will be organised into three days for the different participants’ contributions:

1. Joys and sorrows toward the achievement of the objectives of the development Millennium.

2. Human development and the achievement of the Objectives of the Millennium  within a policy of South-South cooperation : Achievements and future perspectives

3. Young people’s conception of conditions for consistent world partnership and a specific agenda of implementation.

4. Young people’s conception of stakes in economic, social and environmental policies for world prosperity.

5. Ways towards insuring a human sustainable environment.

6. Environmental education for sustainable development.

7. Potential and limitations of world partnership for development.

8. Ensuring primary education for all and promoting equality and autonomy for women.

9. Young people and the challenge of Euro-Mediterranean cooperation.

10. Political, economic and social partnership between the two sides of the Mediterranean: A new alternative taking into account the multitude of procedures and intervening agencies.

11. Strengthening South-South cooperation: the Arab standpoint. A debate among young people and representatives of Arab and African prominent institutions.

12. Comparative studies on development in the prospect of a concerted and inclusive approach founded on democratic participation and a governance of proximity.

13. Youth and the cultural and identity challenges

14. Preserving mobilizing values specific to our cultures among children: a debate involving young people and specialists

15. Repositioning social development within a sustainable development approach, taking into consideration conditions for achieving the sustainability of such development.

16. Towards firm political commitment on the part of  states for the establishment of conditions of a life with dignity, and the building of a common future where security stability, progress and prosperity prevail.

Methods of participation

We kindly ask you to urgently send us the full and final title of your paper.   

Your paper must be the object of an oral presentation. 

The Acts of this international gathering will be edited by the organizers

They will be in charge of publishing these papers in three languages (Arabic, French, and English).  So far we have edited 9 volumes on the Alliance of civilizations and cultural variety (volumes 06-07-08-09 will appear in print in the few weeks).  Therefore, the final draft of your paper should be addressed and sent to the President of the CMIESI, Professor Abdelhak Azzouzi, in electronic format only, on or before the juin 05th-10th deadline.

The contents of the articles express the ideas of their authors. Authors are also responsible for the accuracy of their citation and their references and all pertaining copyright laws. Authors have the responsibility to obtain the written permission, if necessary, to reproduce data protected by copyright laws, and will have to do due diligence in obtaining these signed authorization. the text must be sent before septembre 10th, to : or

The specialized agencies that we contacted to send us surveys of special reports on the theme of the Forum should send them before septembre 30th, 2011

Authors are solely responsible for the content of their contributionsas well as the accuracy of their citations and should observe all related copyright infringement laws. All sources are to be cited and and reproduction permissions are to be obtained if authors deemed it necessary

  All submitions have to meet the following conditions :


  • Article size Please use « word » program, using times new roman font size 12, and limit your contribution to 15 pages. Single line spacing with 2.5 centimeter margin on all sides ( rule applies to Illustrations and Bibliography)
  • TitleTitles should be written in small bold letters in time new roman font, size 12
  • Author’s name and address : Following the title, authors are required to state their first and last name as well as their professional mailing address
    ( Biography and picture which you should have already obtained will be published in a catalogue  and on the conference’s official web site)
  • Abstract : All articles should be introduced by a 10 to 12 plines abstract explaining the major point s or the article
  • Key words : Please compile a glossary of all pertinent key words
  •    Text : Main titles should be designated by roman numbers(I, II,III.). Subtitles should be designated by capital letters ( A, B, C…) All Punctuation rules have to be respected, as in a single space after a comma  and so on and so forth

Bibliopgraphic references should be presented in the following format :

1- Single reference :
Clement Henry Moore, Politics in North Africa, Boston, Little Brown and Co, 1970, p. 108.

2-  Multiple reference : 
Samuel P. Huntington (dir.), Authoritarian Politics in Modern Society. The Dynamics of Established One-Party-Systems, New York, Basic Books, 1970.

3- Quotation in a single reference :
Guy Hermet, « L’autoritarisme », dans Madelaine Grawitz et Jean Leca (dir.), Traité de science politique, tome 2, Paris, PUF, 1985, p. 269-312.

4- Magazine articles :
Saad Eddin Ibrahim, « Conflits ethniques et l’édification de l’Etat dans le monde arabe »,Revue internationale des sciences sociales, 156, juin 1998, p. 253-267.

5- Internet references :
Internet reference should be referenced in the same way as book references, with the indication of the full link and adding the date that that internet page was consulted. Please refere to the following example :                                                                                              
Blanc-Pamard Ch. (2005). — « Jeux d’échelles, territoires de recherche. Exemples africains et malgaches », Cybergeo : revue européenne de géographie, n°301,, 12 février 2005.
Internet sources that are lacking precise referencing will be placed in a sepperate category titled « visited internet sites » and will be cited with the date of vist following the exaple below :
Revue Géographique de l’Est,, Febuary 14, 2005.

All articles not abiding by these recommendations will be returned to their respective authors

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