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Folder Events for 2013/11

Event colloque-modelisation-numerique-en-hydraulique-et-environnement-enjeux Item only translated in French
Event semaine-europeenne-de-la-reduction-des-dechets Item only translated in French
Event decentralized-water-management-franco-german-perspective Item only translated in French
Event table-ronde-systeme-d-information-de-l-eau-innovations-defis-et-perspectives Item only translated in French
Event seminaire-pour-les-candidats-de-l-appel-projets-sur-l-approche-maritime-call Item only translated in French
Event conference-sur-le-developpement-durable-en-mediterranee Item only translated in French
Event seminaire-international-sur-les-evaluations-environnementales-les-etudes-d Item only translated in French
Event med-3r-ea-eco-entreprises-solutions-innovantes-gestion-des-dechets Item only translated in French
Event "Invest in Researchers" Conference 2013 Vilnius
Event 11th International Conference "EUROPE INBO 2013" on the Implementation of the Water Framework Directive
Event 1st Seminar on Water Footprint and environmental and productive sustainability
Event 2013 International Workshop on Membrane Bioreactor for wastewater reuse: Fundamental, Design and operation
Event 2nd Meeting of the OECD Water Governance Initiative
Event 3rd International Water conference (CI.EAU2013)
Event 4th SCARCE International Conference: Towards a better understanding of the links between stressors, hazard assessment and ecosystem services under water scarcity
Event 5th International Conference on Energy production from Waste
Event Amsterdam International Water Week (4-8 November 2013)
Event Civil Society Convention: “Strengthening the Capacities of Non-State Actors” (Call for Proposals EuropeAid/131140/C/ACT/Multi)
Event Climate Change Conference COP19
Event EIP Water Annual Conference 2013: “Networking & interacting – Innovating water”
Event EPI-WATER Final Conference
Event EPUF - Barcelona: General Assembly and ISLAH Project Conference
Event High-level conference "A Joint European and African Research & Innovation Agenda on Waste Management – Economic Opportunities on Turning Waste into a Resource"
Event International Conference on Regional Climate - CORDEX 2013, A partnership between WCRP, the European Commission and IPCC
Event International Conference on Water Cooperation for Sustainable Development
Event International Symposium on Water and Climate Change
Event International conference - - XI Jornada de Prevenció de Residus: "Beyond Waste Prevention: towards Circular Economy" and ACR+ General Assembly 2013
Event La 1ère Conférence Internationale sur les Matériaux pour l’Energie & génie de l’Environnement «ICM3E’2013» reported to 2014
Event London meeting 8 November 2013 'Water and the Green Economy'
Event Open workshop: the Young Water Scientists Partnership Small Grants Program and the Water Innovation Fellowships
Event Regional Seminar on Improved wastewater services for rural and semi-urban areas
Event Seventeenth International Water Technology Conference - IWTC-2013
Event The 1st Meeting of the MC and WG, 1st Workshop of COST Targeted Network TN1301: Next Generation of Young Scientist: towards a contemporary spirit of R&I (Sci-GENERATION)
Event The 3rd Annual Effluent & Waste Water Management Conference - EWWMC 2013
Event The 3rd Steering Committee meeting of the EU funded SWIM-SM project
Event The 45th Meeting of the GEF Council
Event The International Symposium on "Emerging Pollutants in Irrigation Waters : Origins, Fate, Risks, and Mitigation - Special session on Good Governance in Universities and Research Institutions
Event UNICA GENERAL ASSEMBLY 2013 & Rectors Seminar "UNICA and the Southern Mediterranean: Sharing, Learning, Cooperating"
Event WFD Lille 2013
Event World Science Forum 2013: "Science for Global Sustainable Development"
Event [CIRCLE-2] Workshop "Adaptation Platforms in Europe: Addressing challenges and sharing lessons"
5th Mediterranean Water Forum