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Event 62nd UNEP/UNESCO/BMUB International Short Course on Water Management and Climate Change Adaptation for Developing and Emerging Countries (SC 62)

Water is a finite resource being particularly influenced by climate change. Water is essential to the viability of all the world’s ecosystems. Their health in turn is crucial to both the quality & quantity of water supply. In spite of the considerable progress since 1990, one third of the global population lives under water stress conditions and - without change in the present trends - by the year 2025 two thirds will face serious water problems as demand still increases exponentially. The problem is aggravated by a higher likelihood of extreme hydrological events as a consequence of climate change. In the ninth year of the UN Decade “Water for Life: 2005 – 2015”, this course constitutes a contribution to environmental capacity building for the protection and sustainable use of the available water resources in the light of climate change. The course addresses both water quantity & quality issues within an integrated water management. Therefore the curriculum comprises lectures, seminars, site visits and excursions on aspects like: meteorology (climate, water cycle); hydrology (water balance, basic hydraulics, catchment hydrology, hydrology of extremes); groundwater (groundwater flow, water extraction and safe yields, artificial groundwater recharge, salt water intrusion); surface water (irrigation, principles of reservoir design, sediment transport and erosion, flood protection, rehabilitation of rivers and lakes, ecology of inland waters, mechanisms of eutrophication); urban water (urban water infrastructure, water purification and distribution, waste water treatment); and decision support systems to list some of them.

Objectives: Participants are expected to adapt new concepts for a sustainable water management. After the completion of this course they should be able to actively contribute to the conservation of water resources in their respective countries in general and with respect to climate change adaptation in particular.

Target Groups: This course is especially designed to meet the professional demand of experts working in environment protection with special focus on urban water management and climate change adaptation. A corresponding professional background (geology, geography, hydrology, hydro engineering) is a prerequisite.

Award: Participants successfully completing this course are awarded a Certificate of Proficiency in Water Management.

Allowance: EUR 450.-, sufficient to cover all basic living expenses during the course and additional allowances of Euro 50.- to settle in, as well as Euro 50.- to send home books, etc.

Duration:  3 September - 26 September 2014

Location: Technische Universität Dresden 
Thematic Area: Water Management and Climate Change Adaptation
Event focal point email: Dr. Anna Görner
Link: UNEP/UNESCO/BMUB International Short Course on Water Management and Climate Change Adaptation for Developing and Emerging Countries (SC 62)

Contact information Dr. Anna Görner (email:
Event type Training
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Source UNEP
Geographical coverage Germany
Address Technische Universität Dresden
Organizer Technische Universität Dresden
Target audience International
Period [03/09/2014 - 26/09/2014]
Status Confirmed
Working language(s) ENGLISH