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Event Nature-based solutions tools first webinar

The first webinar in a new ACTonNBS series will present nature-based solutions tools such as software, guidelines, handbooks, repositories and platforms.

The 4 November event will also include a presentation of a new tool developed within the NAIAD project, designed to identify business models for risk reduction related nature-based solutions.

Webinar Topics:

Monserrat Budding-Polo, Urban expert at Wageningen University and Research, will present different tools to up-take nature-based solutions (NBS) and enhance climate resilience in cities. Such NBS tools can be used by different users (like municipalities, real estate, urban professionals, academics, among others), not only for informative or inspirational purposes, but as well for planning and designing blue-green infrastructure. Other NBS tools can facilitate financial and economic assessments to make better decisions for urban environmental projects. Also, there are several community tools that have the intention to share, obtain and create knowledge to foster collaboration between different actors. In addition, Monserrat will explain how these different tools (like software, guidelines, handbooks, repositories, platforms, etc.) could help municipalities to promote NBS in cities.

Beatriz Mayor, researcher and business models for NBS and climate adaptation specialist at ICATALIST, will present a tool developed within the H2020 NAIAD project for the identification of business models for risk reduction related NBS. The tool is called NAS canvas (Natural Assurance Schemes) and it presents an adaptation of the business model canvas tailored to the specificities of NBS, and more particularly to account for the risk reduction value provision, to identify the elements and actors required to build viable business models to catalyse NBS implementation. The tool can be easily applied to any case, context or stage of the development of an NBS project. It can also be very useful to advance in the definition of a business case to attract the interest of investors and stakeholders on the implementation of NBS projects.

Link to register: NBS Tools - Webinar 1

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Period 04/11/2020
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