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Event Conference // Global Symposium on Soil Fertility

International science-policy meeting to be held at FAO headquarters in May 2022. Co-organized by FAO - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, GSP/ITPS - Global Soil Partnership / Intergovernmental Technical Panel on Soils.

About the Event

The main objective is to fill some critical knowledge gaps and promote discussion among policy makers, food producers, scientists, practitioners and other stakeholders on solutions to provide sufficient food and live in harmony with nature, through the achievement of the SDGs on zero hunger, and the sustainable use of soil fertility (SDG2, SDG 6, SDG 14, SDG 11).


  1. Examine the current scientific, technical, indigenous and traditional knowledge on the role of soil fertility on food production, human health and on sustaining fertility management;
  2. Identify knowledge gaps and explore opportunities for collaborative research, capacity building and technical cooperation;
  3. Present effective and replicable methodologies, techniques, technologies and practices that promote sustainable production, with a view to upscale those approaches to promote sustainable management of soil fertility, the sustainable use of its resources and equitable participation in productive landscapes;
  4. Identify policy options to maintain/improve soil fertility and encourage the adoption of innovation practices that enhance it.


  • Participants will include representatives from FAO member states, scientists and practitioners working in related fields, representatives from NGOs, civil society, land users and representatives of indigenous peoples and local communities.
  • Additionally, the symposium has called the attention of the private sector working on sustainable agriculture and technology development related to soil fertility.

Further Information

For more information, visit the FAO website on the event.

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